Already successfully implemented: With LaudertPrintBase®, our expert team of specialists in media IT, media production and printing have succeeded in creating a highly intuitive B2B tool that allows non-specialists to get enthusiastic about brand communication. CHILI Publisher, the “hottest online document editor”, is already used widely and successfully in many countries as a rendering engine, but has never before been integrated into a comprehensive Web2Print solution. With the Standard version of LaudertPrintBase®, it is now possible for the first time ever to acquire a comprehensive Web2Print system with a CHILI core, including a shop function based on OXID e-sales. While the Standard version is a pure client solution, the Enterprise version of LaudertPrintBase® includes an extended range of functions and can be adjusted flexibly to customer-specific requirements thanks to its own Oxid license.

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Print communication can be fun, even for non-specialists!



Simple, easy, intuitive!

The intuitive online editor offers many options for customizing displays, print media and POS media and for visualizing the results in real time (also when working with 3D). This makes it perfect for optimizing B2B communication, for instance: All subsidiaries and retailers are able to generate your print media independently and without IT expertise, based on what you have approved. Expensive order processes controlled by the company headquarters are no longer required. The application supports Flash as well as HTML5, and features impressively sophisticated technical refinements such as copyfitting (automatic adjustment of font size in a text field depending on the length of the text), alternative layouts and 3D visualization. Let yourself be inspired! Give your distribution network the potential to conquer new markets individually. We are happy to provide you with personalized, practical, needs-based advice! You can gain a more detailed impression from the successful projects in our magazine.

Das Web2Print-Tool besteht aus zwei Software-Komponenten: Oxid eSales und CHILI Publisher

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