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Ambitious to the United States

We have been working with the US subsidiaries of some of our European customers for many years, and two things have become clear to us:
  1. It is a very exciting market for our services.
  2. Having points of contact who are permanently based in the US would allow us to further improve our services.
We are pleased to announce that we have succeeded in taking the first step in this direction as a result of our collaboration with Christoph Wesselburg in Florida. And it’s likely that a great many more steps will follow. We’ll keep you up to date! We have known Christoph as a specialist in media production, media IT and — in particular — database publishing for many years. He will have access to the power and expertise of our 500-strong team for all his projects. We are excited to take on the challenges that our future US customers have in store for us!

Location USA
970 Lake Carillon Dr

Suite 300
St Petersburg, FL 33716
United States of America

Wir freuen uns auf die Herausforderung unserer zukünftigen USA-Kunden!

Your contact person for making initial contact in the USA:
Christoph Wesselburg, management Laudert USA
Tel. +1 727 483 3249 |

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