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Entirely free of grandeur and buzzwords. We power up your content for the wide world of media. We are more than 500 media-makers at six locations.

You can rest easy with us

Make your brand and product communication faster, more innovative, and more flexible – as well as more cost-effective! Give yourself the benefit of our experience. You will be in good hands. At the Home of Media, we execute your communication strategy with plenty of passion and expertise in Media Production, Media IT, Photography, Digital Printing and Creation.


Agile teams with the freedom to create
LOFT by Laudert

A successful team. Worldwide.

Clear commitment to Germany as a production location thanks to highly efficient and intelligent processes. Personal points of contact and project teams that work to meet your requirements across the board and around the globe. That is the Laudert world!


You can learn more about our expertise through the success stories in our magazine.

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