Programmatic printing: a hyper-personalised, highly automated customer approach

Programmatic printing will expand your digital marketing mix to include print. This technology allows you to create hyper-personalised, individualised print products such as flyers, mailings, catalogues or magazines in real time with a print run of n=1, enabling you to reach customers on a personal and emotional level. Based on your customer data, images, graphics, texts and other assets are compiled by personalisation software and printed using variable data printing (VDP). The KPIs speak for themselves: we achieve ROIs of up to 700% in our projects.

  • Hyper-personalised:with the help of your data (e.g. from online stores, recommendation engine), we create highly individualised print products that appeal to your customers on a personal and emotional level. Every last one is unique.
  • Highly automated:we will work with you to establish workflows that transform programmatic printing into an automated digital channel in the marketing mix.
  • Creative:as long as your data provides the right information you will be able to realise any mailing idea. Programmatic printing opens up a high level of creativity in automation.
  • Emotive e-commerce:with programmatic printing, we bring the emotive quality and feel of print to your marketing with all the perks of the online world: precise targeting, personalised and in real time

A selection of our references

Conrad Electronics successful shopping cart abandonment concept

Conrad is known in 17 countries as one of the leading procurement platforms for technical business supplies. Their digital platform strategy, besides common e-commerce approaches also includes print – and with great success. Conrad’s programmatic approach has lead the company to achieve considerable KPIs well above industry standards.

Conrad Electronic

Lead agency for DTM and GT Masters

Since the 2023 season, Laudert has been the lead agency for the ADAC’s renowned DTM and GT Masters racing series, providing the automobile club with its strategic and creative input. Laudert and its Stuttgart-based team have also been in charge of the MX Masters motocross series since 2016, making it the ADAC’s responsible partner for a total of three racing series.


GROHE: A 3D World of luxury bathroom and kitchen fittings

GROHE is globally renowned for its full bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. The global brand, part of the Lixil Group, is characterised by unique products in the most modern designs. And in the same vein, GROHE relies on innovative solutions in marketing, including high-quality 3D visualizations from our Home of Media.


What our customers say about us

Programmatic printing provides us with a viable, cost-covering advertising medium.

– Daniel Blay, Head of Offline Marketing, Conrad Electronic

Programmatic printing: measurable KPIs for increased sales

A highly effective communication tool, programmatic printing ensures real personalisation, tailored to customers, not segments. It will take your customer journey to a new level. The technology is activated by triggers that set automatic production in motion, i.e. when a customer makes a return or celebrates a birthday, or a service contract expires. Programmatic printing is targeted print communication that truly reaches customers, generates reactions and measurably increases sales. Conversion rates, ROI, shopping basket values and other metrics far outperform online KPIs.

Print as a digital channel

  • haptics and emotion
  • system-supported
  • in real time
  • automated


  • data-based
  • individual
  • customised
  • print run n=1


  • dialogue mailing
  • customer reactivation
  • catalogue/parcel inserts
  • and much more

Our programmatic printing services:

  • Strategic support in concept development
  • Review of data structures with evaluation of data availability
  • Implementation of automated print workflows
  • Creation, implementation and design of mailing ideas
  • Systemic connection for data transfer
  • Support from the first steps to the highly automated application
  • Iterative approach from segmentation to individualisation as desired
  • Print services and logistics

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