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Creation: intuitively and effectively implemented strategy

What exactly are the key creative elements that help your strategies and activities achieve their communication goals? Creativity is what makes your messages tangible and attractive to your customers. Whether for campaigns aligned to your company CI or to further develop your brand, we will guide you in designing strategic and conceptual activities and help you implement them in a creative manner.

  • Definition of activities:our creativity has a goal. That’s why we will have a conversation on your content requirements, suitable media and the right channels based on your communication strategy.
  • Visual design:photography, graphics, animation, video, illustration. Our image specialists will capture your creative requirements and deliver strong, clear and highly effective messages.
  • More than just a picture:language, text, descriptions and more – creativity involves more just the visuals. To make sure your media content is working in synergy, we will offer you holistic support in creating content for all communications across all channels of perception.
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From initial idea to concept and implementation: smart creation for your goals

Unique creations are the key to success for all activities, small and large. Our creative consultants are committed to placing your products and services centre-stage. From ads to direct mail, brochures to catalogues, your website, social channels or at POS, our smart creations will successfully communicate your brand.

Why create?

  • target definition
  • content concepts
  • media analysis

How do we create?

  • imagery
  • image concepts
  • photo and video concepts
  • audio & text

Successfully apply creativity

  • creative implementation
  • various media and formats
  • embedded in overall strategy
  • effective results


Celebrating more than 300 years since its foundation in 1707, today, Dorotheum is the largest auction house in central Europe. With its Dorotheum Juwelier, the company is also amongst Austria’s leading jewellery and watch trade addresses – with 26 branches in the country as well as an online store. Laudert acts as lead agency tasked with communicating the brilliance of Dorotheum’s exceptional jewellery department, and as such, responsible for campaign management, content production and creative design.

Marketing partner for ADAC Racing

Since the 2023 season, Laudert has been the lead agency for the ADAC’s renowned DTM and GT Masters racing series, providing the automobile club with its strategic and creative input. Laudert and its Stuttgart-based team have also been in charge of the MX Masters motocross series since 2016, making it the ADAC’s responsible partner for a total of three racing series.

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Our creative services

  • Development of your creative goals
  • Language and text development
  • Evaluation of your activities
  • Analysis of your media and channels
  • Strategic embedding of your creative concept into overall communication
  • Development of visual language and image concepts
  • Effective creative implementation

Dirk will be happy to advise you!

Dirk Lütjenhuis will talk to you about this topic in the context of holistic impactful product communication.