Our partnerships

Strategic, technological and innovative

Our services relating to effective, holistic product communication are multifaceted and far-reaching. We rely both on our own specialists and on the expertise of our partners, some of whom we have been working with for years. Our partners provide us with strategic support, enhance our range of services with their technologies or assist us in our many research and development projects.

Contentserv: numerous successful PIM projects in the enterprise segment connect us to Contentserv

747 Studios: a strategic partner for photography and visualisations

OXID eSales: successful shop projects and our link to web2print, PIM and other systems

priint:suite: award-winning partnership with priint, the leading dynamic publishing platform by our partner WERK II

Creative Force: the platform for creating high-volume e-com productions

shopware: successful implementation and integration in online shop projects

Tradebyte: modern ecosystem for successful connections in digital commerce

Informatica: Informatica clients value our interface expertise in print output projects

SAP Hybris: interface expertise for PIM, DAM and print routing in the SAP Commerce Cloud

FACT-Finder: increased sales with online shop optimisations for search, navigation and merchandising

Amazon Web Services: AWS is one of the leading cloud platforms

AX Semantics: automating expensive, repetitive text creation processes with AI

Local Brand X:  easy brand communications using the communicative web2print platform