Product and Asset Data

Product and asset data: high-quality, current data at all times

Product data defines your products, asset data defines the associated media. With every application the importance of your data availability and quality increases almost exponentially. That’s why our content team is here to support you with their knowledge and resources, identifying the ideal data models and, depending on your case, taking on manual, system or AI-supported tasks to create, enrich and structure your product and asset data.

  • High-quality product data:employing our data management expertise, we will increase the quality of your product data, migrating it into new models, adapt it for new fields of application and correct faulty data.
  • Asset services for media data: we will support you in generating, processing and optimising your media data, add tags and attributes as required and check and create metadata according to the IPTC standard. We also provide structured storage and administration as well as assignment to the associated product data.
  • Know-how and resources: aligning the quality of your data with the requirements of your company not only calls for expertise, but often means small-scale, complex work – skills you may not yet have in-house. Our content teams will create the resources and know-how for you to manage your data.

From product information to metadata: standardisation down to the last detail

Product and asset data take on important roles in your communication processes. In order to function, they have to be uniform and comparable. We achieve that by applying standards that are set within the company as well as common, global standards (such as specifications or IPTC standards for metadata).

Product data preparation

  • enrichment
  • data model migration
  • correction
  • checking

Clean media data

  • orting and administration
  • data completion
  • metadata generation
  • tagging, attributing

Data mapping

  • data linking
  • ‘Single Source of Truth’
  • resource availability

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