These are the channels we work with

When it comes to channels, we know the ins and outs. For you, that means improved product communications.

We create content in formats to suit a range of channels. With our team’s expertise in both online and print channels, your comms will be on brand, effective and tailored to your target audience.

Our holistic approach means that we will craft your content bearing in mind its purpose and distribution across all channels – from the moment of conception and throughout the creative process. In doing so, we remain aware of the impact of each medium on its output platforms and will display your content in each type of channel in the most effective way to get you closer to reaching your goals.

With our holistic approach to product communication, we offer support wherever you need it. And in the long term, we’ll help you optimise your internal resources to achieve the most successful customer journey possible across all relevant channels. We would love to be your sparring partner and to use our consulting skills to support you in taking that big, decisive step.

A selection of our references

Visually stunning social media campaign

FILA stands for casual styles, trending design, urban looks and excellent sportswear. With last year’s launch of its White Rock Collection, the Italian cult brand created another successful fashion collection and brought it to market with a visually stunning social media campaign – inspired by outdoor clothing and workwear.


Lead agency for DTM and GT Masters

Since the 2023 season, Laudert has been the lead agency for the ADAC’s renowned DTM and GT Masters racing series, providing the automobile club with its strategic and creative input. Laudert and its Stuttgart-based team have also been in charge of the MX Masters motocross series since 2016, making it the ADAC’s responsible partner for a total of three racing series.


Smart Dynamic Publishing

The BLANCO catalogue production is on a roll! Over the period of just a few months, the company teamed up with Laudert in a joint project establishing a cutting-edge dynamic publishing process – the latest high volume production included 18 catalogues and almost 6,000 pages. The open communication culture between both companies contributed greatly to our success, as the process revealed potential improvements for implementation.


What our customers say about us

With Laudert, we work on many parts of a project simultaneously without losing track – and thanks to the granular workflow structure, we are able to deliver our brochure on time, even with time-sensitive topics.

– Jörg Böttcher, Head of Production, GALERIA

What fascinates me is that with technology we can bring the whole world into our living room (studio) – and can even do photo shoots in impossible places.

– Hubert Schlegl, Head of Advertising – Crossmedia Services, WITT-Gruppe

What was exciting for us – in addition to the transfer of knowledge between the Laudert and BLANCO interfaces – was definitely how closely the channel managers worked with the technical units at Laudert, meaning they were able to intervene early on in the event of obstacles, especially when setting up new processes.

– Kristof Kauhaus, Director / Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, BLANCO

Thanks to automation, our label production is really fun!

– André Bias, Head of Prepress/Printing, Remmers

The human touch is simply indispensable to a project like this.

– Jürgen Bauer, Head of Data Management F&E, Warema

Programmatic printing provides us with a viable, cost-covering advertising medium.

– Daniel Blay, Head of Offline Marketing, Conrad Electronic

Laudert impressed us above all with its transparent, professional processes.

– Mathias Preuss, Head of E-Commerce, Bültel Worldwide Fashion GmbH

At the Laudert-Studios you feel like a person, not an object. That isn’t the case in some of the other studios. The way we work at the Laudert studios is very professional, yet friendly, and there’s a consistently good and very familiar atmosphere on set.

– Tijana Becker, Model

Creating added value through our holistic approach

We believe in the services we offer. Established brands collaborate with us on their channels. We see ourselves as your partner and communicate at eye level. We would love to support you too.

We create our greatest added value through our holistic approach and that is precisely what our long-standing customers most appreciate.

We create new content and optimise existing content. We design and implement tailor-made systems to manage content and stage it perfectly across all channels. We look forward to working with you too.

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