Data Management

Enrich, enhance and use data effectively with the right data management

High-quality, clean product data is essential to achieving your strategic goals. Data management brings together all areas that deal with comprehensive and efficient data organisation – from enrichment to systemic migration and administration to the preparation and cleansing of existing and incorrect data. Our data experts will get the most out of your data and provide you with comprehensive advice on how to handle it,  empowering you to use your information in an effective manner.

  • Data migration:it’s essential, especially when introducing new systems and workflows. We will help you transfer your data as well as correct old data and transfer it to new data models.
  • Data acquisition and consistency:working with you, we will develop a data model that perfectly reflects your use case and provides you with consistent and uniform data.
  • Data enrichment:your fields of application and use cases change. That’s why we offer support in enriching your data not only when expanding your data base for the first time, but also with future systems in mind.
  • Data distribution:your data is used in a variety of formats across various channels and in a multitude of application scenarios. That means that processes vary too, and we will work with you to develop the right ones for successful data distribution.
  • Data quality:the higher the quality of your data, the more useful it is. That’s why we enhance every step of our data management process with technical and systemic testing algorithms – and of course with the proven four-eyes principle.
Datenmanagement Definition

Professional data management to refine your data

Our data experts are fully committed to your data. We will advise you in terms of data management, migrate huge volumes of data, clean up incorrect data sets, determine the perfect data structure and implement it cleanly – whether for use in PIM, DAM or ERP, in e-commerce or for export to other online or print media. We take a systematic approach and use smart workflows for high-quality data handling but are not afraid to intervene manually. Whatever it takes to get you your perfect, useable data.

Whether we are developing the ideal data structure (units, attributes, etc.), adapting language or laboriously correcting faulty data sets, we take data maintenance to a new level – automated wherever possible, manually only when necessary. In the end, only one thing counts: consistent, correct data that is available to you at any time.

Data consulting

  • strategic evaluation
  • process analysis
  • system consulting
  • error identification

Data expertise

  • data model and structure
  • data migration
  • data distribution

Resilient resources

  • data team for manual requirements
  • algorithms for automation
  • professional data systems

Our efficient data management services

A strong team of database specialists and data experts paired with our knowledge of workflow will help you manage your data. Besides technical data processing support using automation and algorithms, we also employ artificial intelligence systems in the area of data management. Developing new use cases of artificial intelligence in data enrichment is an important focus of our research and development teams.

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