Product Information Management: centralised, media-neutral data management

A centralised system for recording, managing and displaying all relevant product information, product information management (PIM) plays a key role in your company. It supports all processes in the product-related information supply chain and acts as a ‘single source of truth’ guaranteeing the quality and security of your product data, as well as standardising and managing it efficiently.

As experienced PIM experts, we will support you all the way from concept to implementation of PIM software suited to the centralised, media-neutral data management of your product information.

  • Use case evaluation:we will work with you to analyse the infrastructure, requirements and functional options for your PIM implementation, whether standalone or integrated, narrow or highly functional.
  • Project planning:teams with clear responsibilities, agile implementation, an optimised data model – we will work with you on your implementation plan, with flexible milestones, as the process may extend over months.
  • PIM data migration: often a particularly critical factor, we will talk to you about migration at an early stage. That way we can ensure that no incorrect or outdated product information ends up in the new PIM solution and our data experts can provide support if required.
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A selection of our references

Smartly furnished: A PIM for Zurbrüggen

Zurbrüggen has delighted countless customers with a cosy design for their home – and apparently so successfully that those same customers sometimes even prefer to choose their future furnishings from the comfort of their own sofa. In response to this trend, the furniture store brought in Laudert to implement a Contenser PIM system for central management of product and media data, in order to expand and optimise their customers’ online shopping experience.


Strategic Partnership

Laudert and bonprix have a strategic partnership that goes far beyond the provision of individual services. In our cooperation, operational topics are just as important as innovation and change. A holistic approach, crucial to successful marketing, takes centre stage in all areas – for both companies.


Smart Dynamic Publishing

The BLANCO catalogue production is on a roll! Over the period of just a few months, the company teamed up with Laudert in a joint project establishing a cutting-edge dynamic publishing process – the latest high volume production included 18 catalogues and almost 6,000 pages. The open communication culture between both companies contributed greatly to our success, as the process revealed potential improvements for implementation.


What our customers say about us

The human touch is simply indispensable to a project like this.

– Jürgen Bauer, Head of Data Management F&E, Warema

What PIM really means for your company

Your product information management system provides you with a standardised and high-quality product data master that is available on all channels. It simplifies and speeds up time-consuming processes and ensures an optimised product experience at each of your touchpoints, contributing to higher conversion rates. Returns are minimised and you can link your suppliers directly to the system. Finally, personalisation is becoming increasingly important in marketing – and PIM will pave the way.

PIM concepts

  • strategic consideration
  • case-precise concepts
  • process evaluation

Professional implementation

  • acceptance through human focus
  • agile approach
  • definition of sub-goals

Secure product data

  • data model creation
  • clean-up and optimisation
  • automated migration
  • data team as support

Our product information management services:

  • Strategic evaluation, design and implementation planning
  • Narrow solutions and customised functional adaptations
  • Agile project management with human input
  • High level of interface expertise
  • Close collaboration with technology partners (e.g. Contentserv)
  • Innovative in-house developments (LaudertMediaPort®)

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