Label design

Label design: automatic label production within corporate design and labelling requirements

Labels contain the most important information about a product. Besides your marketing message, they often need to display mandatory information, which can change regularly. We ensure fast, rule-based label production using highly automated workflows according to your layout specifications.

  • Automation:we create labels quickly and securely using rule-based, highly automated workflows, adhering to even complex specifications via dynamic publishing.
  • Error minimization:we keep the error rate in label production down by replacing delicate, manual, error-prone work with a systems-based approach and IT-supported correction processes.
  • Flexibility and scalability:with our template-based approach and direct interface to the databases, we reliably map any variants and language adaptations for you.
  • Security:even short-term legal changes and labelling requirements are automated.

Label design through rule-based dynamic publishing

A stringent workflow for label production is based on rule-based templates that are enriched with data in a fully automated process. Factors such as exact text positioning, font sizes, text wrapping in a variety of languages, image placement, available space – all dependent on each other – are taken into account. Our interconnected systems mean that even short-term changes are easy to make. At Laudert, we have been collaborating successfully on label production with our partner WERK II for many years and generally implement projects using their priint:suite software.

Interconnected systems

  • clean interface
  • automated data transfer
  • ‘Single source of truth’

Rule-based templates

  • digitized structure
  • minimized susceptibility to errors
  • high complexity
  • logical dependencies

High scalability

  • current data
  • legal requirements
  • high level of automation
  • multilingualism
  • efficient and fast

What our customers say about us

Thanks to automation, our label production is really fun!

– André Bias, Head of Prepress/Printing, Remmers

Our label design services:

  • Creation of logical templates in the desired layout
  • Complex control systems in compliance with legal requirements
  • High level of automation with minimized error rates
  • Efficient and quick production
  • Database connection (PIM, DAM, ERP, Excel etc.)
  • Maximum workflow automation
  • Print processing and print services
  • Process analysis and process optimisation

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