CGI agency

CGI: effective product renderings and 3D visualisations

Whether entirely virtual or construction data based – we use CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to stage your products exactly as you wish. Our CGI teams will create outstanding renderings for your products, emotive, functional, detailed or deliberately simplified, against a white background or in an interior visualisation.

Our wealth of experience in mechanical engineering and the tools and consumer goods industry paired with the option of visualisation before production means we’re able to think ahead and create 3D visualisations for your furniture, textile and fashion company. Our use of high-end 3D renderings simplifies many processes along the value chain, from product development and market launch to actual product communication.

CGI projects by Laudert

  • Effective visualisations: perfect lighting moods, great attention to detail, convincing material – CGI is your optimum tool for individual product staging, anyway you like it.
  • Fast time-to-market:product visualisation before production, no need for expensive real samples – with CGI, your products are on the market sooner.
  • Functions and details:enabling you to use CGI to illustrate complex technical and functional relationships in a way that your customers can understand.
  • CAD data processing and preparation:modelling, texturing, rendering and data conversion, we offer holistic, tailored advice and personal service for your productions.
CGI Erstellungsprozess am Macbook

CGI virtual staging – in animation, illustration, applications as well as AR and VR

Our CGI team will provide you with content for a wide range of communication channels. They understand both the use of your CAD data for early staging (from data preparation to texturing and data conversion), even before your product or packaging design actually exists, as well as complete modelling (partially supported by 3D scanning technology). 3D visualisations in perfect lighting with a high level of detail and sense of materials – atmospheric interior visualisations or for augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) – inspire your partners and customers with your brand and your image.

A variety of media

  • creative image media
  • detailed animations
  • explanatory illustrations
  • interactive applications (AR, VR)


  • consumer goods and food
  • industry
  • furniture and interior
  • and much more

CAD data specialists

  • data conversion
  • preparation
  • modelling
  • texturing

Dirk will be happy to advise you!

Dirk Lütjenhuis will talk to you about this topic in the context of holistic impactful product communication.