Our Tools

We use our tools to raise the quality of your communications, making them simpler, faster and more efficient.

Our tools will drive your communications. They make things simpler, faster and more efficient, add more detail and raise quality – on many different levels. Our expertise in areas such as consulting, application development, systems implementation and workflow means that we’re able to offer a variety of tools and systems to take your product communications that crucial step forward. Automation and scaling included.

Our tools cover many areas relating to structured data handling (PIM, DAM), highly automated and personalised media generation and delivery (dynamic publishing, programmatic printing, natural language generation, studio production management, marketing portals) and successful e-commerce (web design, online shops, marketplace connection).

Our holistic approach to product communication enables us to assist you wherever you need us. We are also happy to support you in the long term, helping you utilise your internal resources more efficiently and making sure your content production is automated to the highest level. We would love to be your sparring partner and bring in all our expertise to support you in taking that decisive step.

An excerpt from our references

Conrad Electronics successful shopping cart abandonment concept

Conrad is known in 17 countries as one of the leading procurement platforms for technical business supplies. Their digital platform strategy, besides common e-commerce approaches also includes print – and with great success. Conrad’s programmatic approach has lead the company to achieve considerable KPIs well above industry standards.

Conrad Electronic

Smartly furnished: A PIM for Zurbrüggen

Zurbrüggen has delighted countless customers with a cosy design for their home – and apparently so successfully that those same customers sometimes even prefer to choose their future furnishings from the comfort of their own sofa. In response to this trend, the furniture store brought in Laudert to implement a Contenser PIM system for central management of product and media data, in order to expand and optimise their customers’ online shopping experience.


Strategic Partnership

Laudert and bonprix have a strategic partnership that goes far beyond the provision of individual services. In our cooperation, operational topics are just as important as innovation and change. A holistic approach, crucial to successful marketing, takes centre stage in all areas – for both companies.


What our customers say about us

What was exciting for us – in addition to the transfer of knowledge between the Laudert and BLANCO interfaces – was definitely how closely the channel managers worked with the technical units at Laudert, meaning they were able to intervene early on in the event of obstacles, especially when setting up new processes.

– Kristof Kauhaus, Director / Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, BLANCO

The human touch is simply indispensable to a project like this.

– Jürgen Bauer, Head of Data Management F&E, Warema

Programmatic printing provides us with a viable, cost-covering advertising medium.

– Daniel Blay, Head of Offline Marketing, Conrad Electronic

Thanks to automation, our label production is really fun!

– André Bias, Head of Prepress/Printing, Remmers

With Laudert, we work on many parts of a project simultaneously without losing track – and thanks to the granular workflow structure, we are able to deliver our brochure on time, even with time-sensitive topics.

– Jörg Böttcher, Head of Production, GALERIA

Creating added value through our holistic approach 

We believe in the services we offer. Our tools enable us to simplify and accelerate the communications of many established clients. We provide support as your partner and communicate as equals. We would love to help you too. 

We create the greatest added value through our holistic approach. And that’s what our long-standing clients appreciate most of all. 

We optimise existing content. We design and implement customised systems to manage and perfectly present content across all channels. We look forward to working with you too. 

Ganzheitliche Beratung bei Laudert