Social Media Content

social media: image and sales promotion through strategic content for your channels

A strong social media presence is essential these days. And context is key. We work with specialised partners to optimise your online presence, using strategic planning, creative campaigns and compelling content to drive target audience engagement. That way, we strengthen your image and use social media specifically to promote sales in your overall strategy.

  • Content creation across all channels:we create tailored content for every social platform – from crisp text and appealing images to captivating videos. That’s how we’ll generate attention and engage your audience.
  • Planning and control:social media requires long-term planning and quick responses. We design your strategy, media planning and campaign management for effective, on-target messaging.
  • Strategic social media integration:successful social media strategies are seamlessly linked to your other channels. We will advise you on integrating social media into an overall concept, empowering you to exploit its full potential and achieve your marketing goals.
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Strengthen your brand and increase KPIs through social media

Social media helps you to improve your connection with your target audience. A creative and interactive presence not only strengthens your brand and makes it more tangible, but it also creates direct interfaces to your sales platforms. That’s why we support you strategically in integrating social media into your overall concept and craft your content in a target group-oriented and platform-specific manner, making sure you can successfully implement your strategy and achieve maximum results.

Strategic advice

Social content creation

  • creative in text, images and video
  • channel specific
  • engagement-promoting
  • target group specific

Planning & control

  • strategic and conceptual
  • media planning
  • campaign control

Our services for social media:

  • Creative content creation in text, image and video by our agency, studios and content services
  • Strategic advice and analysis
  • Conceptual planning and implementation of social media activities
  • Professional media planning
  • Campaign planning, control and implementation
  • Integrative strategy development to establish social media within the overall concept

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