Agency for Product Videos

Videography & moving image: emotive, functional, behind the scenes and more

Videos and moving images are used in a wide variety of communications. They add value to your products, link your item and brand to emotions and aesthetics or – especially for goods that require explanation – display key functions and special details. With our videographers and partners, we bring together film teams to stage your needs: product presentations for your online shop, behind the scenes sequences and image videos, moving images and reels guaranteed to make your social media pop.

  • Emotive product presentation:our videos will tell the story of your products. In compelling images we convey emotions and feelings aimed at your target audience. That means you will reach your customers more deeply and convincingly.
  • Functions and details:videography provides a wealth of information. Key functions, special details, moving parts and more are staged in video sequences and brought closer to your customers
  • Parallel production:we are happy to create your product videos in synergy, during e-commerce or campaign shoots. That way you benefit from savings on models, styling, transport of goods and more.
  • Moving images for social media:social media content is essential. We provide specialist advice on what your social video needs to look like and what types are available. Our next step is to fill your social media with life by delivering compelling content to drive sustainable brand and customer loyalty.
Produktvideo Erstellung

Moving images that drive engagement – for web shops, social media and more

Videos say more. They can tell the story of you and your products, your brand. That is why, working with our partners, we bring together the right team of specialists for your moving image production. We work pragmatically, producing traditional emotive or functional product presentation alongside image production. Our social media experts pull out all the stops to drive engagement on your channels in terms of concepts, implementation and staging, in a wide variety of formats. Stand-out reels mean stand-out success.

Videography with added value

  • aesthetics, emotion and feel
  • features and details
  • targeting your audience
  • tailored to your social media

Versatile display variants

  • model shoots
  • 360° views
  • detailed videos
  • reels & behind the scenes

Efficient and holistic

  • parallel production
  • editing, music
  • CGI
  • databases and content

Our videography services:

  • Concept and story development
  • A wide variety of formats (model videos, 360° views, detailed videos, cinemagraphs etc.
  • Editing and sound engineering/music
  • Aesthetic, emotional videos
  • Social media content, social videos: reels of all types and formats
  • Efficient production, synergies with photo production in particular
  • Functional and detailed presentations in moving images
  • Behind the scenes
  • Videos and animations, CGI

Dirk will be happy to advise you!

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