Ad design

Ads: creative and adaptable across all channels

Ads are an important part of outreach in communicating with customers. They usually pack an emotional punch and particularly come into their own as key contact points within your overall strategy. We will support you in planning your advertisements both in terms of concept and strategy, implement them creatively and adaptively and will be at your side from design to delivery, whether online or in print.

  • Strategic approach:your ads are a strategic factor in your overall communication. We will help you get your message to your customers with individual concepts and targeted campaigns.
  • Create, then adapt:to make your ads fully effective, we design text and images – carefully crafted to match your touchpoints – and output the assets into the right formats for your channels.
  • Process reliability for online, social media and print:we make sure your ads meet the highest standards – across every channel, with on-time production and delivery.
Auswahl eines Art Buying Models

Powerful ads for every type of usage

Your ads communicate your message to your target audience. Assets such as newsletters, websites, social media, print magazines represent your brand and play a crucial role in its identification, recognition and success. From advice to implementation and display, our teams are at your disposal with their experience and know-how for an effective advertising strategy and will support you in this key area of product and brand communication.

Advice and concept

Design and adaption

  • image and text creations
  • sophisticated design
  • adaption across all channels

On-time production and delivery

  • highest standards for every channel
  • time-sensitive delivery
  • process reliability for online, social media, print

Our ad services:

  • Advice on strategic and conceptual alignment
  • Professional campaign planning and control
  • Effective visual and textual content creation
  • Ad adaptation to all formats and channels
  • Completion, control, delivery – including printed ads

Ingo will be happy to advise you!

Ingo Keizers will talk to you about this topic in the context of holistic impactful product and brand communication.