Direct Mailings

Direct mailings: reach your customers across all touchpoints with smart print mailings

The huge volume of messages customers receive in the online world means that part of their impact is lost. Direct mail, or physical mail, is a smart way for you to address your customers within your campaign across online channels. You will reach them directly, gain their full attention and stand out from your competitors. Intelligent integration into your campaign and overall communications make direct mail a measurable communication tool for long-lasting, interactive customer relationships.

  • Campaign involvement:we will support you with your campaign and help you choose the right delivery methods for your direct mail.
  • Emotional customer approach:print is tactile and emotive. We will create smart and appealing mailings for you that engage your customers and encourage them to respond.
  • High measurability:to make your print mailings a proven success, we will create measurable, transparent and comprehensible designs.
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Direct mail design with a myriad of creative content options

Promo codes on postcards, product examples by mail, product information on flyers – the design options for your direct mail are virtually endless where content and choice of communication media are concerned. Working closely with you, we will pick the right format for your target group, be that a simple postcard, a foldable flyer or an exciting, printed pop-up box. We will also help you choose the type of mailing based on your goals and data base – from unaddressed household advertising or region-specific targeting (e.g. by postcode) to addressed and personalised mail.

And there’s more! We would love to support you with our knowledge of programmatic print software to produce hyper-personalised 1:1 print communications (link to ProgPrint).


  • unaddressed
  • region-based
  • addressed
  • personalised


  • application advice
  • campaign integration
  • precisely measurable

Creative application

  • individual design
  • a myriad of options
  • CI compliant at all times

Your options for direct mail with Laudert

  • Strategic consulting on the use of direct mail
  • Individual support with content design
  •  Campaign integration and control
  • Creative, effective implementation of mailing formats
  • Data-driven direct mail
  • Measurable application for measurable success
  • And hyper-personalised communication with programmatic printing
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Ingo will be happy to advise you!

Ingo Keizers will talk to you about this topic in the context of holistic impactful product and brand communication.