Brochure Creation

Brochure creation: creative, conceptual, varied, process-reliable – full-service from photography to print data

Recurring brochures are marketing assets that can greatly influence a company’s success. And there are a myriad of regional, seasonal and linguistic variants and adaptations, which is why we think full-service. We create intelligent media workflows that, if required, cover the entire implementation process. From photography and providing print data, all the way to final print approval.

  • Graphic concept and design:we will photograph your product ranges based on individual image and photography concepts, edit and enhance them and set them in a profitable light by using attractive, CI-compliant layouts and typesetting.
  • Optimum pre-press workflow:we will seamlessly integrate your product information management, digital asset management and database publishing systems. LaudertMediaPort, SAP Hybris, Informatica, Contentserv, priint:suite – to name just a few.
  • Realisation and optimisation:we will work together to create brochures, from highly automated to individually designed, establish workflows and processes, and identify potential savings in existing manufacturing processes.
  • Full-service production:our teams of experts work together in synergy, contributing their know-how to full-service productions. You will benefit from parallel workflows that shorten waiting times and reduce and automate checks and approval processes.

What our customers say about us

With Laudert, we work on many parts of a project simultaneously without losing track – and thanks to the granular workflow structure, we are able to deliver our brochure on time, even with time-sensitive topics.

– Jörg Böttcher, Head of Production, GALERIA

Successful brochure creation by teams of experts

We will implement your brochures, whether individually celebrated or highly automated using smart workflows, with comprehensive services and a holistic approach. We will bring together the synergies of many expert teams at Laudert – from the creative and conceptual and all things automation and process reliability to language and translation management, advertising planning and control as well as print data preparation and print implementation.  .

Creative thinking

  • individual concepts
  • original product presentation
  • CI-compliant layout and typesetting

Systematic pre-press

  • interconnected systems
  • seamless interfaces
  • guaranteed data timeliness

Scalability through certainty

  • variety
  • high degree of automation
  • control and approval processes
  • multilingualism

Our brochure creation services:

  • Visual support via CGI, photography and creative concepts
  • Systemic workflows through seamless database connection (PIM, DAM, ERP, Excel etc.)
  • High degree of automation through intelligent workflows
  • Language and translation management
  • Advertising material planning and control
  • Integration of highly efficient third-party systems (e.g. priint:suite)
  • Process analysis and process optimisation
  • Print data preparation
  • Print implementation and strategic print supportg
  • Strategic media planning

Ingo will be happy to advise you!

Ingo Keizers will talk to you about this topic in the context of holistic impactful product and brand communication.