Virtual Studio by Laudert

Virtual Studio: a universal location – live photography in photorealistic 3D settings

We bring your on-location shoots into the studio. Virtual Studio by Laudert gives you unlimited flexibility in terms of settings and environment – even after we wrap. And that means any location you could imagine: a beach boulevard in Miami, the skyscrapers of Manhattan or a historic colliery in the German Ruhr. we shoot the world from our studio and present your products in a photorealistic way, no matter the weather and distance.

From the “Virtual Studio”

  • Flexibility and independence:we will stage your products in our Virtual Studio regardless of location, weather and time of day.
  • Technologically unique: our technology is impressive, there are no LEDs or green screens. This means we operate in real time using live view, offering you maximum freedom of movement and perspective without colour reflections and loss of quality.
  • One studio for all your needs:Virtual Studio by Laudert is full-service, meaning that your entire imaging needs are covered in one location.
  • Lower costs, smaller footprint: goods transport, location scouting and booking  – all that and more can partly, or even entirely, be taken care of in our Virtual Studio, sustainably reducing your costs as well as your CO2 footprint.
Virtual Studio Behind The Scenes

The Virtual Studio: best quality with maximum flexibility

Our technological advantage means that by using the Virtual Studio by Laudert you have no restrictions or loss of quality as you would with comparable LED or green screen technologies. Our innovative use of VFX means we can guarantee you your locations at any time – sunshine guaranteed. Shooting days are all the same and can be planned at the drop of a hat and the virtual locations reused at any time. To sum up: our Virtual Studio is the dream location for your products – 24/7.

Huge flexibility

  • freedom of perspective
  • no movement restrictions
  • flexible use of props
  • shooting days equalised

Independent of

  • weather
  • location
  • time of day

Fast and efficient

  •  immediate layout
  • completely digital patch catalogues
  • multiple use of virtual locations

Dirk will be happy to advise you!

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