Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Natural Language Generation: scaling, automating and customising text production with artificial intelligence

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a term used in Artificial Intelligence to describe the creation of natural texts by software; a process that converts structured data (e.g. attributes, keywords, information, news, results) into reader-friendly text. NLG scales and automates your text production which means that thousands of texts can be created, modified and adapted with system support in a very short time. Situational text adaptations can also be mapped using automated text generation.

  • Scale text productions:NLG smashes the production times of your e-commerce text requirements. Create and scale thousands of product descriptions at the click of a button and shorten your time-to-market.
  • Multilingualism at the click of a mouse:multiple languages are no problem with artificial intelligence. With our partner, we can provide up to 110 languages – native quality, no machine translation, and that in only a few seconds. Reliable text automation for your content.
  • Situational text output and personalisation:your data can be used to output your product descriptions in a situational and personalised manner, increasing your conversion rate.
  • AI generates human texts:your texts sound human. NLG enables you to create texts seemingly composed by an editor, but up to 80% faster.
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An extract from our references

Conrad Electronics successful shopping cart abandonment concept

Conrad is known in 17 countries as one of the leading procurement platforms for technical business supplies. Their digital platform strategy, besides common e-commerce approaches also includes print – and with great success. Conrad’s programmatic approach has lead the company to achieve considerable KPIs well above industry standards.

Conrad Electronic

GROHE: A 3D World of luxury bathroom and kitchen fittings

GROHE is globally renowned for its full bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. The global brand, part of the Lixil Group, is characterised by unique products in the most modern designs. And in the same vein, GROHE relies on innovative solutions in marketing, including high-quality 3D visualizations from our Home of Media.


S(He)’s got the look!

BENVENUTO stands for Italian-inspired business attire. Collaborating on a shoot with Laudert, the focus was on the fashion label’s exclusivity to showcase their exclusive autumn/winter 2020 collection. The results are highly expressive, richly detailed images of inspired elegance, highlighting the smart outfits across online channels, social media, and above all, providing a stunning presentation in the lookbook created by Laudert.


Automated text creation packed with features

We have partnered up to take your copywriting to a new level. A variety of functions are at your disposal to make your texts a sustainable success factor. Machine learning, GPT support, statement suggestions and alternative text suggestions are just some of the features you can use to increase the creativity, variety and efficiency of your text output. Throw SEO optimisation into the mix and your texts will be a valuable asset in terms of customer traffic.

Scale text production

  • automated realisation
  • adaptations and corrections
  • in a matter of seconds
  • up to 110 languages

Customise texts

  • situational output
  • trigger-controlled
  • based on data
  • up to personalisation

Secure implementation

  • process and system consulting
  • professional implementation
  • production support
  • workflow integration
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Our NLG services:

  • Needs and application analyses
  • Systemic and process-related consulting
  • Implementation and integration
  • Process and workflow optimisation
  • Text composition support
  • Evaluation of new ways of addressing customers
  • Data management for your database

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