Text creation at our text agency: composition, correction, revision, translation

Our text agency deals with the composition, revision and correction of a wide variety of text types. Our focus is always firmly on your use case – after all, that’s what drives the tonality and technical implementation of every commercial text. Whether it’s emotional appeal or crisp clarity you’re looking for, search engine optimised or tailored for print, our text agency will craft the right composition for your communications.

Our talented copywriters draw upon a wealth of experience in their writing. They will provide you with engaging editorials as well as concise product descriptions and presentations or SEO-orientated category texts. We also focus on economic and business reports. The next step is quality assurance, and our proofreading team is on hand to carry out a thorough review of your content.

What is a text agency?

A text agency composes and edits written content on behalf of their customers. Texts are created to benefit the customer and are composed to according to subject, accommodating structural aspects, and taking search engine optimisation into account. Editing and proofreading are also key tasks of a text agency.

What types of texts does our text agency create?

Our text agency can take on all text requirements relating to your business. We particularly focus on formats relating to fashion, retail, industry and the associated product and brand communications, for internal and external purposes.

Editorial content

An editorial serves to inform, entertain or express opinions. Where it differs from advertising and marketing content is that it’s a journalistic piece of writing. As unique content, based on incorporating keywords according to SEO guidelines, editorials also boost Google search performance.

Category texts

Category texts provide structure to print catalogues and online shops. They add value with in-depth information, driving engagement, higher click numbers and ultimately more sales. Detailed category texts are relevant on Google.

From a user’s perspective, category texts offer an overview of the available product categories, advice and examples of application, support in product selection and an introduction to the benefits of each product category.

Our data specialists are also trained in data procurement – through manual product processing and research, systemic and process-controlled data generation or employing specially trained AI systems.

Product and item descriptions

Product descriptions explain features and properties of products and are generally used in online shops or marketplaces. A catchy, engaging description reflecting the tone of your brand will communicate your item’s features and emotions to a user. An effective product description is complete, concise, reader-friendly and search engine optimised.

Automated text creation means systems-supported texts

Artificial intelligence means we have the option of creating, modifying and correcting texts automatically and with system support. Texts are automatically created in different languages and styles, based on data, information and keywords. The advantage of automated text creation lies primarily in its scalability. Using our systems, thousands of texts can be created in a very short time and can also be subsequently modified and adapted. Situational text adjustments are also possible using automated text generation.

Proofreading ensures high-quality texts

Editing means checking and optimising texts. Our editors take care of the typical aspects of proofreading according to spelling and grammar rules, but also review content and style. Our proofreading ensures that your texts are of high quality.

Translation management: a world of languages, all with their own peculiarities

Texts in different languages are required in order to be successful in an international context.  Every language has its own characteristics that need to be considered. Working with our translation experts, we will be happy to take on the translation management for you so that your written content truly comes into its own in your target language

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