at the Laudert-Studios

Photography: compelling content

Creative studio photography for campaigns, e-commerce, marketplaces, social media and more. Innovative ways with look & feel and development of visual language for the touchpoints of tomorrow. Wild and unusual or uniform and exacting. Facilitated by our expertise in tight, efficient and transparent process management. Laudert Studios – one of the largest full-service providers for perfectly staged product content in Europe.

E-Commerce & Campaigns

Fashion photography

In fashion photography, visually stunning campaign shoots meet high-volume e-commerce imagery. Your fashion becomes an experience, and we accompany you far beyond the set with art buying, model booking, post production and much more.

Product photography

A clear visual language for your products, this area of photography highlights your items to great effect. Emotive or clean, with examples of application, stand-alone or in small settings – the entire range of cutting-edge, efficient photography suited to a wide variety of products.

Jewellery photography

Jewellery photography requires a spectacular sense of detail. Our creative craftmanship and technical finesse combine to showcase your watches and jewellery in all their sparkling splendour – and we will guide you well beyond the shoot.

Shoe photography

Our shoe photography experts take your performance a step further. Creative, high-quality shoe images with outstanding visual appeal meet high-volume series production with all-round support. Expressive imagery for all footwear.

Photography at our Laudert-Studios

Creativity meets craft and production – our Laudert Studios combine the most important disciplines related to effective photography in product and brand communications. Our holistic approach, systems and smart consulting enable us to work closely with you to uncover the perfect expression of you and your products, from concept and shoot to the final assets and far beyond.

Engaging assets

  • image concepts
  • look & feel
  • perfect staging
  • creative shoots

Reliable production

  • efficient series production
  • studio production management
  • process-optimised approach

Holistic approach

  • comprehensive consulting
  • systemic integration and connection
  • significant synergy benefits
  • efficiency and stringency

Our services

The Laudert Studios photography services go way beyond the camera lens. We design imagery, looks and styles, assist with all things model-related, live and breathe perfect styling for people and products, hone your images to perfection, take care of logistics and find the just the right words to describe each and every one of your products. Get in touch!

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