Digital Asset Management (DAM): a structure for digital content

Digital Asset Management allows you to establish a structure within your data. It empowers you to conduct specific searches, manage and deploy your digital content (e.g. images, graphics, videos, logos or documents such as certificates, catalogues and brochures) across all communication channels quickly and efficiently – as well as store important metadata. DAM significantly reduces the effort required for data management and your customers benefit from a consistent customer journey.

We will analyse your needs, provide detailed advice on selecting the right DAM software and implement the system in your IT infrastructure for efficient and smooth use.

  • Needs analysis:we will work with you to determine how a DAM system can improve your workflows and create a basis for decision-making.
  • DAM selection:whether our intuitive in-house development LaudertMediaPort® or a system from one of our partners (e.g. Contentserv), we will identify the right DAM system for your application.
  • Project management:we will implement your DAM solution in your system environment with the help of a clear project structure, agile approach and defined sub-goals.
  • Asset migration:we will use automated tools to migrate your assets to your new DAM system – into a future of simple, intuitive management.
Mike Klöden

Current projects

Conrad Electronics successful shopping cart abandonment concept

Conrad is known in 17 countries as one of the leading procurement platforms for technical business supplies. Their digital platform strategy, besides common e-commerce approaches also includes print – and with great success. Conrad’s programmatic approach has lead the company to achieve considerable KPIs well above industry standards.

Conrad Electronic

GROHE: A 3D World of luxury bathroom and kitchen fittings

GROHE is globally renowned for its full bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. The global brand, part of the Lixil Group, is characterised by unique products in the most modern designs. And in the same vein, GROHE relies on innovative solutions in marketing, including high-quality 3D visualizations from our Home of Media.


S(He)’s got the look!

BENVENUTO stands for Italian-inspired business attire. Collaborating on a shoot with Laudert, the focus was on the fashion label’s exclusivity to showcase their exclusive autumn/winter 2020 collection. The results are highly expressive, richly detailed images of inspired elegance, highlighting the smart outfits across online channels, social media, and above all, providing a stunning presentation in the lookbook created by Laudert.


DAM: allowing your assets to unleash their full effect

Your DAM system represents the core structure of all your digital assets (making it the ideal partner system for your PIM). Adding metadata will not only enable you to categorise and search your digital content, but also deliver it in optimised quality across all communication channels. That means your assets will reach their location of deployment more quickly.

Transparent data

  • centralised asset data
  • detailed metadata
  • retrievable at any time

Clean iplementation

  • selection with concept
  • agile approach
  • user workshops

Intuitive software

  • high clarity
  • quick to find
  • simple operation

Our Digital Asset Management services:

  • Strategic consulting to identify the best system for you
  • Expert system implementation
  • Agile, iterative introduction via stringent project management
  • Interfaces to data sources and systems
  • Close collaboration with technology partners (e.g. Contentserv, for over 20 years)
  • Innovative in-house developments (LaudertMediaPort®)

Ingo will be happy to advise you!

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