Marketplaces: effective content creation, target group-specific preparation and efficient IT connections for successful platform business

Marketplaces play an important role in diversifying your own sales channels. Whether industry-specific platforms such as Zalando and AboutYou or cross-industry portals like Amazon, Otto and Rakuten; B2B or B2C: we know how to prepare your content to maximum effect and, with our level of IT expertise, we can connect you using simple, efficient workflows and systems. 

  • Content creation with derivatives:we will work with you to create compelling, meaningful imagery and produce derivatives for your e-commerce and marketplace strategy.
  • Infrastructure integration:our clear interfaces with your data sources (ERP, PIM/DAM, E-Commerce-System etc.) mean that your marketplace business is highly automated. 
  • Data management:we will use our content services to support your company in creating, enriching and validating attributes, texts and product information for marketplaces. 
  • Scalable success:the interplay of content and IT means that your product and brand will be visible on as many platforms as you want, with low staff requirements and high efficiency. 
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The symbiosis of content and IT for the marketplace

Ideally, a well-functioning marketplace strategy is based on a structured process that brings together content and data for display. In this way, the product and brand’s creative interpretation are also conveyed in a highly automated IT environment. That’s why our expert teams from LOFT, Studios, Content-Services and IT collaborate very closely on projects involving marketplaces. Either our teams or our partner Tradebyte – we also implement their clear, user-friendly SaaS solution TB.One for direct access to over 90 marketplaces in 17 countries.

Efficient content creation

  • few shoots
  • smart workflows
  • derivatives

Clean data preparation

  • uniform data output
  • compliance
  • data consolidation

Interconnected systems

  • efficient interfaces
  • high degree of automation
  • scalability
  • multilingualism

Our marketplace services:

  • Creative content creation for e-commerce and marketplaces in our studios
  • Derivative-powered narrow content production
  • Analysis, management and preparation of data & attributes
  • Database connection (ERP, PIM/DAM, e-commerce system etc.)
  • Implementation of a unified data source (PIM, DAM)
  • Maximum workflow automation
  • Interface implementation to Tradebyte’s SaaS solution TB.One
  • Process analysis and process optimisation

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