Communication Strategy

Communication strategy: communicate in a brand-oriented and targeted manner

How you communicate determines the success of your marketing – and the entire company. Working closely with you, we will develop a communication strategy to reach your target audience and convey the right messages. The strategy will lay out who your company is talking to – and when, how and why – regardless of whether you are strategically active in the B2B, B2C or D2C field, delivering a detailed target group analysis in the process.

  • Golden Circle:working closely with you, we’ll ask ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’ to reveal the characteristics of your company. We will be examining features such as product and service structure, quotes, the presence of your company in the market.
  • Target group structure:we will take a close look at your customer structure. Factors such as the psychological and social benefits, demographics and brand attractiveness are crucial – and of course the question of where we can reach your target audience as a whole.
  • Communication characteristics:content definition, imagery, tonality, argumentation, USP messages and more. Working with you, we will define exactly what sets your communication apart and makes it successful.
Kommunikationsstrategie Golden Circle

Multi-stage impact levels, integrated campaigns: targeted communication

Based on your goals, we will create strategies and campaigns that reach your customers. Effective sales promotion, image enhancement, product placement, market development – your strategy will dictate the type of communications you need. Whether through effective individual activities or multi-stage approaches at different levels of impact, as one-off messages or cross-media integrated multifaceted campaigns, focussing on your goals is what will make you successful.

Understand your business

  • company analysis
  • target group analysis
  • gap analysis

Create your messages

  • brand story
  • brand identity
  • USPs
  • imagery and tonality

Achieve your goals

  • image enhancement
  • sales promotion
  • market development
  • management and evaluation

Our strategic communication services:

  • Analysis of your business and its presence in the market (workshop possible)
  • Development of a suitable objective (image, products, markets, sales figures)
  • Campaign and activity development and planning
  • Development of imagery and tonality
  • Content definition for a successful customer journey
  • Elaboration of USPs
  • Customer and target group analysis

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