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Strategic partner for communication

Laudert is committed to being a strategic partner for its customers. From holistic consulting all the way down to the fine details, we design every aspect of successful brand and product communication with technological precision, creative finesse and reliable processes. We are future-forward with our ideas and perfectionists during implementation. We network across all our business divisions, make use of synergies, identify potentials and cooperate closely with customers and technology partners.

In all our endeavors, we value partner-based collaboration, fair and honest interactions within the company and with our customers or partners, and a sustainable approach.
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How we excel

Laudert has been a market leader since 1959. We are independent of banks and owner-run. We operate according to an open, innovative philosophy while keeping both foot on the ground: A dependable feeling of being at home rather than building theoretical castles in the air. Laudert acts a contact across the entire value chain for product and brand communication, combining expertise in selected core areas with a strong foundation that is based on synergy.

With our intelligent processes and efficient workflows, we are clearly committed to production in Germany. Personal contacts on project teams tend to the requirements of our customers across different divisions and continents. The sustainable development of our locations in Asia compensates a shortage of specialists in Europe and enables us to operate nearly around the clock. More than 555 media experts are available at our sites in Vreden, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bad Waldsee and Ho Chi Minh City.

Managing Directors from Laudert: Jörg Rewer (Chairman), Sven Henckel, Holger Berthues

Our Locations

Our Locations

Our heart and soul in Vreden, flashes of brilliance in Hamburg and a whole lot of creative power in the south: A clear commitment to production in Germany. An efficient network of intelligent processes and seamless workflows for production across divisions and contingents. That's what content means for Laudert.

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