Jewellery photography: staging your treasures in sparkling detail

Watch and jewellery photography have been our favourites since our Laudert Studios opened in 1998. Goldsmiths, jewellers, jewellery designers and manufacturers truly take note of the delicate detail and technical perfection our jewellery photographers bring to their art. Established brands and retailers such as Citizen, Christ, Swarovski, Niessing and Armor appreciate our creative staging of their glittering collections of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, watches and more.

From the studios

Jewellery photography means exceptional attention to delicate detail

You’ll receive our individual attention at our Laudert Studios in Vreden and Hamburg, where our personal order managers coordinate entire photo productions, including insured transport of your jewellery and watches. We plan our shoots to match your campaigns, work with look books as well as your brand identity and are happy to give everything the final polish with you if required.

  • Detailed staging:details are what brings jewellery to life. We will showcase your jewellery items sensitively and with perfect craftsmanship, highlighting the characteristics of your products in all their facets.
  • High-quality products, high-quality support:a personal order manager will coordinate your production. They will take care of the entire production process and are always available to respond to your questions and suggestions.
  • Advanced technology:jewellery photography requires special equipment. We will carry out your production using specialised technology (e.g. Phase One, Bron) as well as studio management software to optimise our coordination and approval process.
Schmuckfotografie Behind The Scenes

Jewellery photography: an exquisite field with exceptional requirements

At Laudert Creation, we combine craftsmanship, specialised techniques and technology to truly reflect the splendour of your jewellery in all its facets. Our systems enable us to produce for you in large volumes too, with first-class results, including 360° views, moving image, animations and highly emotive video.

To ensure thrilling results, our media designers are specially trained in jewellery expertise. Photographers and image specialists work closely together in our media teams, carrying out high-end effective retouching, even making use of CGI technology for further enhancement. Effective jewellery photography is an art, one of the most demanding disciplines in fact, and calls for expert skills and craftmanship.

Attention to detail

  • spectacular staging
  • detailed presentation
  • look book creation

Expertise and specialisation

  • experienced jewellery photographers
  • specialised technology for jewellery
  • image editing for high-quality post production

Comprehensive support

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