Shoe photography: a step up for your assets

People associate shoes with feelings. And our evocative shoe photography transmits plenty of them, be it a love of nature and the great outdoors, a sense of sophistication and elegance or simply urban, youthful cool. Our consistent imagery and uniform presentation, modelled or as a pack shot, create a targeted visualisation of your shoes across all channels – with more than a hint of that uplifting ‘new shoes’ feeling everyone loves.

Aus den Studios

Visualising shoes effectively for all areas of use

Shoes are not just shoes. They possess a special structure, a special function or design. In shoe photography these elements are exactly what we focus on. With the help of creative photography, we will transform your footwear into expressive assets for social media or eye-catchers for your onsite marketing, whatever the requirements.

  • Visual requirements:from high-quality, creative shoe images for special occasions to high-volume series production for footwear of all kinds. We show your shoes in the best light, with carefully crafted eye-catchers and fine details.
  • Consistently presented:your shoes are comparable through steady, clear product visualisation. We guarantee consistent, creative presentation, also using alternatives such as 360° photography, GIF creation or 3D product visualisation.
  • All-round support:our consultancy experts will be by your side from style guide development and creative production, even at high volumes, to media-neutral data provision.
Schuhfotografie Behind The Scenes

Showcased from upper to sole

We specialise in creative, high-quality shoe photography as well as high-volume series production for all kinds of footwear. We also use alternative technologies (360°, GIF, video, 3D) for the product visualisation of your shoes. With our all-round support, from creative style guide development through implementation to many advanced topics such as image editing, database integration (DAM/PIM), attribute capture, content and (SEO) text creation as well as shop maintenance, Laudert stands for professional photography of your shoes from upper to sole, always incorporating software-supported, secure and efficient processes.

Creative staging 

  • style guide development
  • high quality photography
  • creative detailed presentation

Strong performance in series

  • fast characteristics acquisition
  • consistent display
  • high comparability
  • scalable production

Versatile support

  • alternative forms of visualisation
  • image data optimisation
  • attribute capture
  • content and (SEO) copywriting

Yannis will be happy to advise you!

Yannis Rosing will talk to you about this topic in the context of holistic impactful product communication.