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Given the multitude of available technical solutions, finding the right software for your specific needs can quickly become overwhelming. We work together with our customers to develop a solution. Our analysis extends from the starting point all the way to our finish line: Efficient processes and user-friendly operation. We identify suitable standard solutions and determine which individual adaptations are required for integration in the existing IT infrastructure.

We are not just IT consultants: we also implement projects. This gives us precise knowledge of what matters in practice, not just in theory. Bringing together technical design with friendly, collaborative consulting.

Theoretical knowledge and practical expertise

At Laudert, IT consulting is all about versatility. This allows us to develop solutions that would not be visible from a narrow perspective. We are skilled in IT architecture, software and technical design with a passion for processes and workflows, starting from the consulting stage all the way through technical implementation. Our promise is the development, planning and implementation of IT concepts for the long term.

As the manufacturer of our own software for PIM + DAM (LaudertMediaPort®), large-scale content production (Laudert­Content­Flow®), marketing communication (sellyo®) and quality assurance (Laudert­Check­Point®), we cover a range of special requirements. To achieve optimal customer solutions, we also collaborate with a variety of other manufacturers to expand the available options in a meaningful way. We ensure long-term success by providing user training sessions.

For us, IT consulting means that we only recommend solutions according to our best knowledge and judgment. That's what makes us media IT specialists with above-average levels of customer satisfaction. Ideally we support projects from the very beginning, but we are also happy to jump in at a later stage!
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