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A PIM system is a must-have for consistent product data and centralized starting point for the (partially) automated adjustment of all relevant product information across different media and platforms. It takes the right software for the individual circumstances to ensure professional product information management. With our IT expertise, we assist in the analysis and selection process all the way to implementing suitable PIM software as a basis for central, media-neutral data storage. This improves not only the quality of product data but also product efficiency.

Implementation and interface experts for pim

Product data is a way to address customers. It should be informative and persuasive. By implementing PIM software, we enable central data storage for simple multiple use of product data related to marketing, production and purchasing. This is the only way to rapidly provide optimized product content for all communication channels and touchpoints, from packaging to the online shop or catalog and POS.

Our expertise is used for lots more: we don't just show our customers how to manage their product and item data in a structured way, we also show them how the PIM system can be used as software to substantially shorten production times, maximize quality, minimize maintenance costs and eliminate redundant content. To ensure project success, we also consider complex requirements for data migration from old systems and provide support as needed for enhancing and maintaining product data.

A broad industry overview, close collaboration with our technology partners such as Contentserv and CELUM as well as innovative in-house developments (LaudertMediaPort®) have made our media IT experts some of the most sought-after in the market and earned us high ratings in customer satisfaction.
Dr. Grandel
Intensive treatment down to the roots of data
By implementing a Contentserv PIM system, the product communication at Dr. Grandel went through an intensive treatment down to the very roots. Over a period of just 7.5 months, the cosmetic manufacturer's product and media data was centralized in the new system. The result: Improved data quality and security, reduced costs, faster release process and shorter time-to-market.
  • More than 2,500 products maintained in the system
  • Streamlined release process
  • Interfaces with online shop, ERP system and Trados (translation management)
Foto: Dr. Grandel
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