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Agile project management with a clear vision

Apart from the obvious hard factors, many software factors including human factors play an important role during the introduction of new IT systems. That's why we rely on agile project management as much as possible during system integration. This enables us to achieve increased quality assurance as well as acceptance of the new system in specialist departments and among users. We define a clear vision which we achieve through iterative steps and quick wins. Precise target setting, coordinated methods and process and role descriptions are the essential basics of our projects. In this way, even complex changes to IT infrastructure are guaranteed long-term success.

Project management based on the scrum method

Our project management relies predominantly on the principles of the scrum method: In sprints of just a few weeks (iterative steps), we achieve quick wins that move the project forward. Each sprint results in applicable system cases that allow concrete feedback for the key users.

Together with our partners and customers, we rely on communicative teams that are always aware of their responsibility for the project and take on defined roles. During projects, we require and encourage all aspects of modern change management in order to redesign processes and structures for future viability.

Apart from our underlying application of the scrum principles of transparency, review and adjustment, we train the project managers on our teams in certified project management according to IPMA.
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