Studio productions made simple


Process management in the photo studio

An intelligent system for
high-volume production

In photo studios, a number of work steps are often concentrated in a limited timeframe, turning the coordination of high-volume photo and text production into a daily challenge. We know this from personal experience, and came up with our own solution: Laudert­ContentFlow®.

Our very own Studio Production Software (SPM) uses smart processes in a holistic workflow to ensure that photo shoots (for instance, in e-commerce and catalog production) can be conducted efficiently. Web-based management from job preparation to data export.

LaudertContentFlow® lets you view the job’s status, how the various products should be photographed, which texts should be prepared and where the products are located at any time. To reduce the lead time, many production steps run in parallel – depending on the customer’s individual needs.

Transparency and process reliability

With LaudertContentFlow®, we have developed a real game-changer for the production process. The system always transparently reflects the current production status in real time for a completely digitalized and automated process. Numerous intuitive features, such as change tracking or the creation of detailed style guides for optimized photo production, make studio work considerably easier. Meta data can be created at the same time the product is entered. A flexible rights and user-role system enables customized integration of LaudertContentFlow® into unified company workflows.

And we aren’t resting on our laurels, either! Using regular feedback from our own studio and our customers, we continually identify opportunities for optimization and implement them with our developers on the media IT team. We always ensure that our SPM software intelligently meets the latest demands. Smart, efficient photo production with LaudertContentFlow®.
A simple explanation of studio production management

How does LaudertContentFlow® work?

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