Studio productions – made simple.

If you want to efficiently conduct photo shoots for e-commerce and catalogs, you need to be tightly organized and well-prepared. With three photography headquarters, more than 50 sets, and over 120 studio employees on staff, we know that better than anyone.
It quickly became clear to us that large-volume photography and text productions can only be realized with intelligent processes and a unified workflow. That’s why, since 2013, our IT specialists have been developing LaudertContentFlow®our very own studio production management software (SPM).

With LaudertContentFlow®, the entire studio process –from the job preparation to delivery of the final files – can be managed online. This lets us see, for example, what the job’s status is, how the various products should be photographed, which texts should be prepared and where the products are located. To reduce the lead time, many production steps run in parallel – depending on the customer’s individual needs.


How does LaudertContentFlow® work?

Studio Production Management Software simply explained

How you will benefit from using our SPM software LaudertContentFlow®:

  • Reliable processes across large numbers of images
  • Transparent production status in real time
  • Fully digitized and automated production process
  • A variety of intuitive features that simplify production (e.g. recording corrections)
  • Easy-to-implement style guides (e.g. type of shot, perspective, detail shots, etc.)
  • Metadata is created at the same time the article is entered – useful for cross-selling integration
  • Flexible rights and user-role system
  • Customized integration in the overall company workflow

Feedback about our intuitive, high-performance solution has been positive – and not only from our employees, who have worked with it in the studio on a daily basis for years. Our customers, industry colleagues and technology partners have also recognized that LaudertContentFlow® is a real game-changer. Due to increasing demand and frequent recommendations, we have made our software commercially available, allowing studios around the world to benefit from our applied expertise and years of experience. Why reinvent the wheel when photography and text productions can easily be managed with LaudertContentFlow® – leaving more time for the creativity factor?

And we aren’t resting on our laurels, either! We regularly confer with our existing customers and our own photo studio team to identify ways to optimize the software. These optimizations are then implemented by the developers in our 80-head media IT team. This ensures that the SPM software intelligently meets the latest demands and that production runs more efficiently overall. Take advantage of our success! You too can easily carry out extensive photo studio productions with LaudertContentFlow®.

  • LaudertContentFlow: Warenmanagement
    Article management
    To maintain a clear overview of inventory, the articles are logged in and out of the system upon arrival and departure. Each individual item can be labeled with a unique barcode and assigned textual metadata.
  • LaudertContentFlow: Dashboards
    Extensive dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of orders and can be individually configured and expanded with search subscriptions. This lets the system alert the user at the desired interval about any to-dos or status overviews.
  • LaudertContentFlow: Bildfreigabe
    Image approval
    The finalized images are checked and approved. If any corrections are required, visual instructions can be added to the image.
  • LaudertContentFlow: Bildauswahl
    Image selection
    Customers can access this module as external users in order to choose their favorite images from a group of photos and add instructions for retouching, if desired. The images then go through the image editing process.
  • LaudertContentFlow: Import
    Relevant product data and instructions for the photo shoot can be imported to LaudertContentFlow® using, e.g. an Excel file or direct link to a product management system. This ensures that all necessary information is available for the upcoming photo shoot.
  • LaudertContentFlow: Auftragsverwaltung
    Order management
    Style guides are created. This builds the foundation for the content production.
  • LaudertContentFlow: Fotoproduktion
    Photo production
    In the photography planning module, users can see which articles can be photographed. Pre-defined styling and retouching instructions are taken into account during the shooting.

Interfaces for increased efficiency

Keeping things moving

LaudertContentFlow® can be easily integrated into the overall company workflow using interfaces. Final images can be automatically added to a PIM/MAM system such as LaudertMediaPort®, with the appropriate settings (format, color profile, resolution, etc.). From there, the product communication knows no limits. Anything is possible, from automated catalog production with database publishing, exporting the data to an online shop, and more. The image files and metadata, as well as cross-selling information, can also be added to the online shop directly from LaudertContentFlow®, downloaded manually. The possibilities are endless.

LaudertContentFlow Ablauf

Interested in LaudertContentFlow®?

Learn how it can be used in your workflow!

The licensing options are as multi-faceted as the studio software itself! Depending on your requirements, scope of use and expertise, we offer the following options:
1. License purchase
2. Software as a Service (Saas) usage

In addition, our nearly 500 employees with expertise in various areas of product and brand communication allow us to offer a variety synergistic services in combination with LaudertContentFlow®. Please contact us for further information.

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