If you want to efficiently conduct photo shoots for e-commerce and catalogs, you need to be tightly organized and well-prepared. Creativity should only be a part of the visual result.

This is why we work with you before the start of photo production to develop a “style guide” for the individual product groups, which applies for everyone involved. This guide defines specifications for still photos and model photos, detailed shots and video productions, along with guidelines for product texts and parameters for the technical processing and preparation of all elements. Laudert Studios is always at your side for successful planning and execution with a personal project manager and substitute.

Our studio software, LaudertContentFlow®, provides support and assistance throughout the entire process.

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A reliable assistant for product photography, video and SEO text generation

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Control content productions safely with LaudertContentFLow®

With our 24 studio sets, we know best what is needed for large volume photo and text productions. This is why we instructed our media IT specialists to develop our own studio software. The LaudertContentFlow® system provides complete web-based control of placing orders, checking in products, storage locations in the studio, production progress in the studios and media production, status monitoring, assessment and release of images, controlling and check-out. This is based on the high-performance process system of LaudertMediaPort® 3.0. As the further processing and enhancement of images and product texts is also controlled by the system, the data prepared as requested for all purposes are available for download within the shortest possible time – including media data and where applicable cross-selling information. The express button serves as a joker if individual images need to be used immediately after delivery of the article. Take a look at our 10 step studio process:

Infographic: Our barcode-based studio process using LaudertContentFlow®

Our barcode-based studio process using LaudertContentFlow® in 10 steps:

  1. Import projects
    Using the predefined product group briefing, we generate all the individual jobs to be created in the system by importing your order, e.g. as an Excel list, into LaudertContentFlow®.
    For example, this can be a Hollowman bust, a creative layer such as front view, back view and close-up view of the model, along with product video clip and text. We are happy to book requested models if desired.

  2. Prepare products
    Deliver your products directly to us or prepare them to be picked up by our product logistics team. Each article should feature a clearly identifiable article number or barcode. Done! Now you can sit back and relax while you wait for your finished content package.

  3. Entering products into the photo process
    When the goods have arrived at Laudert Studios, we check all articles in with LaudertContentFlow® and assign them a barcode if one was not already provided. This makes it immediately possible to clearly identify articles at each work station.

  4. Digital product samples + article characteristics
    After consultation, we can produce different color versions of your styles on request, using color retouching for even more efficient and cost-effective production. Our specialists will determine for you whether the color, texture and finishing of the article are suitable. Then we will determine the final color that will be photographed We will create digital fabric patterns for the color variants that will be produced. Using this, image specialists will generate perfect image material. You will not recognize the difference from the original! If you have also ordered the creation of product texts, we will expand the article information provided to include additional characteristics.

  5. Preparing articles for shoots
    With a passion for detail, our 5-person assistant team will cushion, clean and smooth out the products before the photo shoot so our photographers and stylists can dedicate their attention to production right away.

  6. Generate product photos, video clips, 360° images + texts
    An order can consist of up to 10 separate jobs for the individual article. This does not even include the retouched color variants. This kind of complex photo production can only be achieved efficiently and securely in small timeframes with the help of barcodes and IT. In LaudertContentFlow®, the completeness and progress of each order can be monitored at all times. We style whole outfits based on your specifications and conceive trendy, brand-specific combinations. Feel free to provide us with accessories, shoes etc. from your current collection. Your shop software can look into the metadata to see which articles are used to put together the outfit. We scan the barcodes of the individual articles and expand the article information to include this data.

  7. Review and approve images
    Based on the style guide, we will select the best product image for you and kick off the image process immediately. It may sometimes be necessary to interpose a specific coordination and approval process. In this case, you can intuitively select, mark, compare and comment images online, and then approve them for further processing. The parallel involvement of multiple managers in companies and agencies enables an intelligent system of rights and roles.

  8. Image process
    Before the start of photo production, we will work together with you to determine the parameters for your image needs. As soon as the photo has been uploaded in LaudertContentFlow®, the enhancement process begins for our image team: Masking, release, retouching, final format, metadata...

  9. Delivery of the content package
    Using predefined interfaces, we push the product images, video clips, 360° data and SEO texts directly into your webshop (or your PIM, MAM, DAM or ERP systems) or make them available for you to download in a content package.

  10. Return shipment + final check
    We check your goods out for return shipment as soon as all the individual jobs in your order have been completed. We are also happy to prepare the goods to be returned for distribution. When you make your order, you can mark down if individual components need to be sent to a different address. That way, you do not have to worry about anything else during and after production.

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