Product photography, SEO texts + Video production

Large volume photo shoots for e-commerce and catalog have to be well-prepared and tightly organised. The only creative aspect is the visual result.

Before an initial production we work with you to develop a style guide that is binding for everyone for individual product groups, for still, model and video productions as well as guidelines for the product texts and parameters for the technical preparation and delivery of all the elements. For planning and execution a personal account manager including representation is available.

The whole process is accompanied and supported by our studio software LaudertContentFlow®.

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Everything flows smoothly

Control content productions safely with LaudertContentFLow®

With our 24 studio sets, we know best what is needed for large volume photo and text productions. This is why we instructed our media IT specialists to develop our own studio software. The LaudertContentFlow® system provides complete web-based control of placing orders, checking in products, storage locations in the studio, production progress in the studios and media production, status monitoring, assessment and release of images, controlling and check-out. This is based on the high-performance process system of LaudertMediaPort® 3.0. As the further processing and enhancement of images and product texts is also controlled by the system, the data prepared as requested for all purposes are available for download within the shortest possible time – including media data and where applicable cross-selling information. The express button serves as a joker if individual images need to be used immediately after delivery of the article. Take a look at our 10 step studio process:

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