High-Performance PIM and DAM (MAM)


One solution – many possible applications

Intuitive product and
brand communication

The range of different solutions for PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) or MAM (Media Asset Management) is immense. With LaudertMediaPort® 3, we have developed an incredibly flexible, powerful PIM and MAM/DAM system.

As a central control bridge, the system is specially designed for intuitive and clear operation. In this way, we ensure optimal acceptance among all departments and external parties working with the system. As integrators, our interface specialists ensure a successful all-round process.

PIM and DAM/MAM in a single system

LaudertMediaPort® combines the various aspects of a PIM with the clear asset management offered by Digital Asset Management in a single system. Image data, codes, prices, texts, availabilities...with LaudertMediaPort®, we provide a command center that brings together all information and data in a media-neutral, article-based way and then makes it available after optimization: from catalog production to online shop content, targeted mailings, POS and advertising among other activities.

The system operates across the entire media production process, starting from advertisement planning to item selection and purchasing, from commissioning photos for product images down to designing page layouts and preparing data for web and print. Currently more than 2000 users manage more than 50 individual systems with up to 23 language versions.

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