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There are many definitions of Web2Print, and many terms are used to describe it: Web2Publish, database publishing or e-business print. But what these all have in common is the idea that printed material can be transmitted, edited or created using the internet. Using Web2Print software, we build bridges between customization and automation of ad creation.

We assist with analysis to select the right software and ensure smooth integration into existing structures to facilitate individualized advertising material and point of sale media for corporate design that can be edited and ordered intuitively and in real time.

Highly personalized with set design rules

By implementing a Web2Print marketing platform, we offer users the personalized, independent and creative design of advertising materials while maintaining a set CI. Defined user rights create flexibility while intelligent control and release mechanisms ensure quality. Companies are able to approach their target markets in a customized way and shorten the creation process for advertising materials.

We will be at your side to advise you during the selection and integration of Web2Print software. Our interface specialists integrate the CHILI publisher into available infrastructures or an existing online shop.

With our in-house solution sellyo®, we offer an intuitive and communicative B2B tool based on the CHILI publisher combined with shop functions from OXID eSales that allows non-specialists to get enthusiastic about brand communication.
Simpler, easier, more intuitive
Claas relies on web2print
Coordinating sales and marketing activities for around 11,000 employees sounds like a major challenge. With an individual Web2Print solution based on the Chili publisher and Oxid eShop, the successful international company for agricultural engineering Class is able to master this challenge. Thanks to a variety of templates, defined design options including CD compatibility and the connection of a CELUM image database, advertising material can be personalized intuitively with short turnaround times.
  • Creation of print media for more than 50 countries
  • Maximum options for personalization
  • CELUM connection
Foto: Claas
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