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Our consulting is all about the details. After all, media production is a juggling act where strict workflows and tight production environments meet creativity and visual impact. That's why we provide comprehensive advice: Anything from designing a strict workflow, increasing the degree of automation to save time and costs or developing and implementing a new, modern look for our customers' target groups and cases. We know how to think technically and creatively at the same time, and our team of more than 600 employees can vouch for our advice and promises. 

Combining the best aspects of production and creation

We bring it all together, uniting IT expertise with publishing skill in collaboration with our workflow and color management specialists. We analyze the creation of advertising material starting from the status quo all the way to the nitty-gritty details of workflows and processes. As consultants (and project implementation specialists) we are committed to personalized customer workflows:

  • Automation of process steps
  • Implementation of useful interfaces
  • Establishing release processes
  • Data hosting
  • Creation and application of image databases
  • Integration of suitable software and tools
  • Regular process analysis and optimization
  • Development of automation-ready catalog concepts

When it comes to creation, we bring together creative minds on agile project teams to assist our customers with analysis and consulting for product and brand communication. We provide advice for developing new visual languages (for instance using high-end retouching, composing, integrating CGI) and have a keen instinct for the design, typesetting and layout of unique brand images. Our consulting combines the best aspects of production and creation. For all requirements.
Medien-Produktion Consulting
Smart design
and automation
For our customers, catalog production is often associated with a strong PIM system in the background. Apart from a trendy, unified look using defined templates, partially or fully automated catalog production has enormous potential for saving time and costs. A prime example of how to combine creation and automation.
  • 100% expertise in automation and creation
  • Numerous customer projects carried out successfully
  • Countless catalog pages generated automatically
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