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Strategic goals can only be achieved using quality, clean data: We make the most of content data. We migrate massive quantities of data, adjust inaccurate data sets, identify the perfect data structure and ensure clean implementation – whether for use in PIM and DAM, in web shops or for export to other online or print media. Our process is systematic, using smart workflows for high-quality data handling, but we are not afraid of working manually either. Whatever it takes for perfect data: Our content maintenance team acts as a liaison between IT, media production and everyone else who is involved.

Data experts with workflow expertise

The Laudert content team is a typical interface team specializing in workflows for high-quality data handling in system integration, preparation and adjustment or improvement of inaccurate or insufficient data sets. In the process, the team benefits from Laudert's comprehensive experience in data export and management.

From the development of an ideal data structure (units, attributes and more) to language adaptation or thorough correction of inaccurate data sets, we take data maintenance to the next level – as automated as possible, as manual as necessary. At the end of the day, only one thing counts: Unified, accurate data that can be accessed at any time.
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