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We live and breath media. Our teams create, retouch, optimize and design content for use on all channels. Apart from perfect results, we keep our eye on other factors such as progressively shorter production cycles and more personalized communication: efficient media production is inconceivable without the intelligent use of IT. Creative minds, media designers, workflow and color management experts from different teams work closely together at Laudert. Consultants are the binding force: with their holistic vision, they act as the interface between customers and Laudert teams to optimize all workflows continually.

Whether for (creative) retouching, constructing catalogs and prospectuses or photorealistic rendering: Our teams in Vreden, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City are available to implement product and brand communication almost around the clock.
Our services
  • Art buying
  • CGI
  • Post production
  • Process management
  • Consulting
  • Analysis
  • Data maintenance
  • Clipping
  • Masking
  • Retouching
  • Typesetting
  • Final artwork
  • Layout
  • Color management
  • Training

Versatility in
media production

At the Home of Media, media is implemented far beyond the limits of classical production. From design to masking and clippings, retouching and recoloring all the way to final artwork with various adaptations: Every brush stroke counts!

We are also enthusiastic about creating new media. Whether ads, banners, catalogs, brochures, labels, mailings, newsletters or POS media: We optimize content for successful implementation in all communication channels. Personalized, efficient and automated as needed and where possible. Experienced production experts in the field of print services ensure perfect implementation.

To truly achieve every communication target in the end, we are also available to assist and advise you with media adaptation. Typesetting, proofreading, language adaptations or translations: Media is at home with Laudert!
„Nothing is as constant as change: this has been our experience since 1959.“
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Dirk Streich
Dirk Streich
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