Conrad Electronics successful shopping cart abandonment concept

Reactivated with programmatic printing

Conrad is known in 17 countries as one of the leading procurement platforms for technical business supplies. Their digital platform strategy, besides common e-commerce approaches  also includes print – and with great success. Conrad’s programmatic approach has lead the company to achieve considerable KPIs well above industry standards.

Data qualification despite a failed sale

When shopping carts are abandoned

This major challenge in e-commerce is familiar to companies in many industries, both in B2B and B2C business. Customers browse the online presence, find plenty of items that meet their needs, but in the end, abandon their bulging shopping cart. While this behaviour provides detailed information on customer preferences, there is no purchase, no revenue for the time being.

Even today, many companies hardly at all – or simply do not – react in these circumstances. Some rely on electronic communication alone. Customers are encouraged to complete the purchase via email – often incentivised with additional discounts.

Conrad Electronic has come up with a particularly clever approach for these cases. Products offered to customers in this way are particularly suitable – after all, they chose them themselves in the first place. However, in e-business, response rates based on emails are often low – due in part to the volume of emails, spam filters or lack of consent.

Praxis-Beispiel Conrad Electronic Programmatic Printing
A real-life example: Conrad Electronic works with Laudert for programmatic printing

Conrad Electronic has the right instincts

Programmatic printing as part of the digital strategy

Some Conrad customers in the B2C and B2B sector are no longer sent an electronic shopping cart abandonment email but receive a nudge by post instead. The letters depicting individual products are printed and sent in real time based on the digitally recorded information. This deliberate break with the digital world, however, very effectively fills a gap in e-business as printed mail is guaranteed to reach customers in the post and is much more likely to be noticed. That’s why programmatic printing leads to tangible, emotional and relevant results.

Programmatic printing achieves great results

KPIs far beyond e-commerce standards

Daniel Blay, Head of Offline Marketing at Conrad Electronic, emphasises, “Programmatic printing provides us with a very economical and cost-covering advertising medium.” And our key figures confirm what he’s saying. The shopping cart value of regained abandoners is around 20 percent higher than that of the average shopping cart. The response rates are just as impressive and mailings reach between six and nine percent, which is exceptionally high for the industry in which Conrad Electronic operates.

Conrad Electronics: Conversion-Rates bis zu 9%

Programmatic approach leads to success

Print is the e-business channel with the highest conversion rates

Christof Förtsch, responsible for the contact between Conrad Electronic and Laudert for a long time and now active on the market as a freelance consultant in the field of programmatic printing, emphasises, “Through the intelligent, system-supported use of print, Conrad Electronic has managed to extend the strengths of its E-business to print media. The strong conversion numbers speak volumes.”

Stefan Graf, senior IT project manager at Laudert for programmatic printing, adds, “Conrad Electronic is a prime example of how data can be used consistently and, above all, intelligently. Programmatic printing has enabled the company to successfully fill the gaps in e-business in an excellent manner.”