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We are CGI experts. Computer Generated Imagery refers to the creation of virtual products and images based on design data (CAD) or entirely virtual. CGI has already become an indispensable aspect of product communication. In various sectors from mechanical engineering to the tool industry or commodities industry, CGI methods are firmly established. The possibility of visualization before production plays a decisive role in this context.

We think outside the box and produce 3D visualizations in collaboration with many companies in the furniture, textile and fashion industries as well. The use of high-end 3D visualizations simplifies many processes along the value chain, from product development to market launch all the way to product communication itself.

We are far from exhausting all the possible applications of CGI, but we're working on it!

Excellent 3d visualization

  • Use of CAD design data for early application in the marketing mix far before the product or packaging design physically exist.
  • No need to carry out expensive production of physical samples. Prototypes are developed virtually.
  • This generates content for communication on a wide variety of media channels such as animation, illustration or interactive applications.
  • Impress customers and partners with 3D product visualizations that deliver a high degree of precision and convincing substance with perfect light staging.
  • Interior design visualizations and lighting simulations create the desired atmosphere and transport brands and images.
  • Representation of complex technical and functional interrelationships.
  • We pool the knowledge of our experts in CGI, image and photography. This enables photo-realistic 3D experiences that assist with the decision process.
  • CAD data processing and preparation, modeling, texturing, rendering and data conversion: The CGI team at Laudert offers individual consultation and personal service for comprehensive productions. Strict adherence to deadlines and a flexible approach are a matter of course.
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