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Since Laudert Studios opened in 1998, photography of watches and jewelry has been one of our favorite jobs. Goldsmiths, jewelry manufacturers, jewelers and designers value the technical perfection and special touch our studio delivers in its jewelry photography through the precise and creative staging of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc.: including renowned brands such as Citizen, Christ, Swarovski, Niessing and Victorinox.

Optimally reflecting the radiance and elegance of jewelry in the product image takes more than the excellent craftsmanship of our jewelry photographers: special equipment is also of the essence. That's we use technology for jewelry photography such as Phase One and Bron along with our studio software Laudert­Content­Flow® for the coordination and release process during high-volume jewelry shoots. This enables us to achieve first-class images of watches and jewelry, including 360° views, for all types of communication!

Jewelry photography with a fine sense of detail

We provide highly personalized support for our customers at the Laudert Studios in Vreden, Hamburg and Bad Waldsee. Personal job managers coordinate the entire photo production including insured transport of the jewelry and watches. We adapt the style of our shoots to match our customers' campaigns, working with lookbooks and corporate designs and are happy to further develop these foundations as needed.

To ensure captivating results, our media designers also receive specific training in jewelry expertise: Our media production teams perform high-end and creative retouching thanks to a close and effective collaboration between photographers and image specialists. We also consider the possibilities of CGI technology. That's no surprise, since jewelry photography is one of the most demanding disciplines.

Our comprehensive jewelry photography services include countless additional topics from attribute recording, SEO-optimized product text generation, content and shop maintenance and the implementation of image databases/systems for DAM (Digital Asset Management). Sophisticated polish for watches and jewelry both behind the scenes and on set.
Brilliant visualization for glittering jewelry
To achieve faithful staging of high-quality jewelry from the jewelry manufacturer Christ for e-commerce, our studios work meticulously on the visual presentation of these intricate products. Based on a detailed briefing, the jewelery is photographed as classic cut-out images and on models. Thanks to efficient work processes, the final image data is produced with quick turnaround times using cross-media communication.
  • Still shots
  • Photography on models (full-face and half-face)
  • Cross-media use of shots
  • Collaboration since 2003

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