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product images

We stage all kinds of products. Professional and efficient, emotional or functional: from tools and electronics to household goods, home textiles and decorative items to food and more. Thanks to a steady eye and a sharp instinct for the latest trends in product photography, we create CI-compliant product photos with attention to detail.

To ensure that product images are always suitable for the relevant channel, Laudert Studios provides classical product shots (usually cut-out images) along with staged images including the immediate surroundings or an example application. This guarantees consistency in visual language. A unified look is always the priority for comprehensive use in e-commerce, print, marketplace and POS.

We prepare all product photography based on lookbooks that we are happy to newly develop with our art directors. We advise and assist from the initial rough idea all the way to tangible, persuasive implementation.

A balancing act between creativity and efficiency

We know how to stage products creatively and efficiently. Laudert Studios offer comprehensive expertise from design to large-scale implementation and post-production including image processing and advertising material creation. We provide all-round assistance for all brand and product communication. Apart from classic cut-outs, application images and environment images or videos, we can also skillfully implement CGI for product communication.

We meet the strictest visual requirements with process and workflow support using the studio software Laudert­Content­Flow®. Product photography in our studios according to GS1 strikes a balance between creativity and efficiency.

We complement our service with strategic touches. Thanks to our support in image processing and image data optimization, implementation of image databases and systems (DAM), attribute recording, content enhancement, (SEO) text generation and content and shop maintenance, we guarantee meaningful, effective and intelligent product photography.
Far from dull
product photos
Countless products are photographed in the Laudert Studios, whether large or small, stiff or flexible, everything from suitcases to towels. This broad range challenges our employees to continually come up with new production ideas. Apart from classical cut-outs, we also produce effective environment shots that are highly enjoyable.
  • Up to 50 sets for product photography
  • Product shots for cross-media implementation (e-commerce, print, marketplaces, POS...)

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