Conduct and Equality

Conduct and equality

To ensure the health of all employees and provide the greatest possible protection in the workplace, occupational health and safety including fire protection are a top priority at Laudert. We therefore demand and promote responsible behaviour at all our sites, from employees to managers and the management.

At Laudert, unprejudiced behaviour is our top priority. Values such as respect, recognition and fairness enjoy high priority and are practised and cultivated among all employees in the company, regardless of position or department.

Our employees are close to our heart, which is why we want to set an example with recognition and respect. Our team members should not only feel comfortable, but also safe and valued. And we find the economic argument convincing too as it’s the only way everyone will be able to achieve their full working potential. At Laudert, we believe in the living wage. It is part of every agreement between our company and our internal employees, our subsidiaries and joint ventures.

We strive to generate a positive and interpersonal relationship between our company’s employees, which is why we offer numerous benefits that contribute to a good work-life balance and physical and mental health, such as flexible working hours, flexitime, mobile working, sports and health programmes, etc. We strengthen our community spirit with celebrations such as our Christmas and summer parties, departmental get-togethers, to mention just a few. This helps us to get to know each other better and build social connections in a relaxed atmosphere.

Diversity at Laudert

At Laudert we focus on diversity. This means that every person has different strengths and weaknesses. We support our employees in their further development, especially where their strengths are concerned. We work with commitment and initiative, are performance-oriented and set trends. We are particularly effective when we bring together our strengths as a team. That’s how we reach the level of achievement that makes us strong on process and competitive as a company.

Diversity also means equality. People from 17 nations work for us, and our quota of women in management positions is around 50%. At Laudert, we believe in equal pay. Our salaries are paid in line with performance. Equality in communication is also important to us.

Constructive cooperation

Constructive criticism is an important part of our corporate culture. Making mistakes is not exactly pleasant, but it’s part of being human and therefore part of our everyday work. What’s important is that we learn from our mistakes in order to develop as a team. We don’t tolerate indifference or negligence as we strive to delight our customers with services of the highest quality. All employees are responsible for this goal.