Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Laudert is aware of its responsibility towards our fellow human beings within the company and beyond. As part of society, the company aims to make a tangible social contribution. That’s why we’re involved in many different kinds of projects.

The well construction project in Dalaba, Guinea, is a project close to our heart. Initiated by Laudert, it has expanded into a joint project with charitable organisation Little Big World e.V. and has led to five wells being drilled so far. In the community of Dalaba, people sometimes have to walk for miles to reach water as local rivers and lakes are often polluted and can cause sickness and disease.

The premises of our former location in Dalaba have now become a local hub where we train young people in media design in order to improve their prospects on the labour market.

Education project in Varanasi, India

Laudert has been supporting Little Big World e.V. projects in the Indian metropolis of Varanasi, India for several years – most recently with a 3-year education and training project for socially disadvantaged children with the aim of taking them on after they successfully complete their training. As one of the sponsors, Laudert has been supporting the project with annual donations of over 5,000 euros. Our own well construction initiative in Guinea was part of our successful cooperation with Little Big World e.V. in 2022.

Other projects – a selection

Besides our projects abroad, we also work on many projects and initiatives at a national and local level. We regularly open our studios for good causes such as our collaboration with ‘Herzenswünsche e.V.’, where we enabled a young woman confined to a wheelchair to be a ‘model for a day’.

We have also provided time and space in our studios for an initiative for women with breast cancer who had to undergo mastectomies.

After the start of the war in Ukraine in 2022, Laudert joined a BayWa Foundation initiative to transport relief supplies. We put out a call for donations from all our employees and every euro received was doubled by us. BayWa, in turn, went on to double our efforts, which lead to a total donation of over 45,600 euros.

Following the devastating floods in the German Ahr valley in 2021, Laudert not only became involved in a fundraising campaign by purchasing ‘flood wine’, but also gifted said wine to the Vreden emergency services, who were providing disaster relief on site, in recognition of their enormous efforts.

Our annual ‘Charity Advent calendar’ has become another of our traditions, where projects and initiatives nominated by our clients and employees are the beneficiaries of our weekly Advent and Christmas draws.

The proceeds from the annual Laudert sponsored staff Christmas raffle also benefit social causes such as the Varanasi and Dalaba projects – tickets are 2 euros each and there are exciting prizes for the lucky winners.

As a down to earth, regionally rooted family business, strengthening the region is also an important aspect for Laudert:

  • Support for the Vreden business show by developing and realising the entire advertising campaign.
  • Exhibition of works by regional artists in the workrooms and public areas.
  • Material support (e.g. use of our infrastructure, digital printing) for traditional events, exhibitions, city marketing projects, etc.
  • Sponsorship of prizes for the Vreden funfair.
  • Sports sponsorship of local football and handball clubs.
  • Participation in numerous sporting events (e.g. Vreden triathlon, company runs).