The Werk II priint:suite

The priint:suite by Werk II: taking publishing to the next level

Highly automated production of print and digital assets, on-demand publishing and native digital publishing – the priint:suite makes it all possible. And here’s how it works: various components of the priint:suite access the content on the connected database. This could be assets such as images and videos, product information or product texts. PDFs are then either exported directly from the selected data packages or the data is imported to a layout programme. This is usually an InDesign® client or server, used by media designers to add the finishing touches.

Templates are pre-defined design rules enabling an automated yet creative page layout. They make sure that your media is visually consistent and are used to define specifications such as layout settings, font sizes, spacing and table formatting. Prepared in this way, media based on a data source such as a PIM system can be created at the touch of a button. If a detail in the publication changes – a price adjustment, a change in size or a current image – the update is simply made in the data source. That way only the document itself is updated, eliminating the tedious task of manually updating each individual page. The priint:suite makes dynamic publishing safer, faster and more cost-effective.

The priint:suite can be used to produce a wide variety of publications,

from fully automated data sheets and catalogues to creatively designed flyers or magalogues. The options are virtually endless. InDesign® plug-ins make it easy to combine automation with creativity, enabling seamless working between automation functions and layout process.

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