Dorotheum: Sparkling Communication

Content production for Dorotheum

Celebrating more than 300 years since its foundation in 1707, today, Dorotheum is the largest auction house in central Europe. With its Dorotheum Juwelier, the company is also amongst Austria’s leading jewellery and watch trade addresses – with 26 branches in the country as well as an online store. Laudert acts as lead agency tasked with communicating the brilliance of Dorotheum’s exceptional jewellery department, and as such, responsible for campaign management, content production and creative design.

To Laudert, the focal point of the collaboration is precise campaign control. That means that creative ideation, packages of point of sale activities and ad development are also part of the agenda, as is content creation for online and offline channels as well as social media. From shop window stickers, A6 pop-up displays to a Facebook ad, at Laudert we put a lot of thought into how we convey the message, providing Dorotheum Juwelier with a vibrant, sparkling presence in the market.

Print brings exclusivity to the brand

DORo – the magazine

Print magazine DORo is published every autumn. It combines classic product lines with new developments from our own studio, art and investment products as well as background stories and information. The LOFT team meets the challenge of properly showcasing all of the above in one glorious magazine – crafting the layout and design with great attention to detail and carefully selecting images and text. Our media production team is on hand to finalise and print the output.

Laudert plays to its advantages

Our process competency makes us shine

Working with Dorotheum Juwelier, Laudert is able to exploit one of its greatest advantages in that process expertise, creation and production are closely interlinked. Through LOFT, media production teams and the studios work hand in hand to create customer-optimised workflows and IT-supported process chains – the ideal way to succeed in fully displaying the brilliance, exclusivity and prestige of Dorotheum in its communications.

Efficient approach in the photo studio

Shooting in threes

At Laudert, we create the image content for the entire communication in just two to three shoots. We take an efficient approach, reducing costs and bundling effort – however, that also requires precise advance planning on the part of the agency client, the activity manager and the team itself in the studios. Using precise clipping, customers are presented with true to life images. Emotional moods pave the way for high-carat communications at a later stage.

Schmuckfotografie Ring

Three questions for:

Karin Saey, Head of Retail at Dorotheum Juwelier

What were the main factors that convinced you to work with Laudert?

Karin Saey: technically speaking, it was the agency’s in-house provision of creative development and professional image and content creation, both analogue and digital, which made us expect a harmonious result, with less friction. But it was the team that convinced us in the end, both personally and professionally.

What have been the noticeable benefits for Dorotheum Juwelier?

The single-source principle means there is less need for coordination between different service providers and it also has the positive effect of reducing costs.

What are your brand development plans for Dorotheum Juwelier in the near future?

Fair gold, fair diamonds and fair production conditions are essential principles to us, so we’re planning to develop further in this area. In 2016, we were the first jewellers in Austria to launch a Fairtrade gold wedding ring collection nationwide, thus bringing the Fairtrade Gold Standard to Austria, in close collaboration with Fairtrade Austria. Also, our combination of brick-and-mortar and online retail has been very important to us for a long time and we’ll be working on quite a few customer-centric projects.