What is LOFT?

The home of our creative free spirits! Here they create new worlds with images and design your product and brand communication.

Our creative unit

We will revive your brand with fresh ideas: reliable, collaborative and sometimes even crazy.


More service? Absolutely!

We are happy to take charge of model bookings, organize test shoots and discover new talent for you!

Art buying

Top-class photos!

Off-the-peg shots? Not with our LOFT team! Each item is staged individually. LOFT photography

LOFT photography

Welcome to the home of media


In the jungle of agencies, are you looking for a reliable partner who promises more than just efficient execution, who can also revive your brand with fresh ideas? Do you need creative minds who will continue to develop your visual language while staying on trend, and who can create new campaign concepts based on your CI? Then we are a perfect match for one another. The creative minds at our LOFT reliably deliver impressive results, without a fuss.

The fact that we are process and workflow experts has made us the market leader for efficient content production in Europe. The creation skills at our LOFT have expanded the Laudert portfolio, making it one of the most extensive on the market. In our LOFT creative unit, we unite expertise from various divisions within the Home of Media, coordinated by our art directors.

With flexible teams, we are committed to your creative requirements, producing product images, teasers, catalogs, mailings, POS media and more, all from one source. We also create adapted templates for customized and/or automatic output of print and online media. We stay by your side in every phase of your product and brand communications.

Welcome to the Home of Media!

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