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Full service from photography to print data

Our idea of brochures is different. We don't think of them as individual flyers or informational media but as regular sales media with a huge impact on commercial success, available in different versions and adaptations depending on the region, season and language. Our approach is full service: We create intelligent media workflows covering the entire implementation process, from photography through preparation of printing data, and on request even through printing approval at the machine.

Laudert combines creative graphics and design with automation and process reliability. Layouts matching the customer's corporate design, language and translation management, advertising material planning and management and lots more: As an agency, we understand the concept of 'full service' literally.

Creation meets skill in execution

Since our founding in 1959, extensive brochure production has been part of our daily work. Laudert has numerous teams working in media production and photography at our locations in Vreden, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Bad Waldsee. They are assisted by their colleagues in Asia and operate using the latest processes thanks to our 90-person media IT team. This allows us to achieve high-quality leaflet production that is more cost-effective, faster and more secure on the long term.

Our approach starts with individually optimized pre-press workflows that seamlessly integrate the existing systems for Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) or database publishing. Our experience with interfaces is as extensive as our customers are diverse. Laudert­Media­Port®, SAP Hybris, Informatica, Contentserv and priint:suite, just to name a few.

To ensure technical excellence along with customer satisfaction, our creative teams rely on visual highlights ranging from basics such as layout and typesetting to drafting and the professional implementation of personalized image and photography concepts.

We create brochures, establish workflows and implement processes while identifying potential savings in existing creation processes. We turn vision into reality. As a full-service implementation agency.
Creative brochure creation with intuitive software
Laudert provides all-round support for Karstadt in product and marketing communication. This also includes brochure creation, where production periods were reduced more than 25% by pooling brochure photography at Laudert Studios and setting up an entirely digital workflow. Thanks to the intelligent connection of LaudertContentFlow®, LaudertMediaPort® and priint:comet, layout creation and data enhancement are particularly easy, freeing up time and space for creative design: and it shows!
  • Time savings of more than 25% achieved in production
  • Fully digital workflow
  • Brochure creation perfectly integrated into IT infrastructure
  • Short lead times and coordination channels

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