Individual communication made perfect

Programmatic Printing

We automate printing

Print media with a wow factor

Programmatic print makes printing interactive and personal. Across a wide range of databases, automated marketing chains are generated for fully automated and personalized creation, production and delivery of print products. Vouchers, invoices, mailings or even magazines or catalogs: Anything is possible.

Smart printing campaigns with programmatic printing result in high conversion rates, low return rates and strong customer loyalty. Perfect print experiences coordinated to the recipient's requirements and benefits. 

An ideal supplement to the customer journey

We transform print into a tool for individual communication. As a subsection of marketing automation, programmatic printing is an ideal and logical supplement to a multifaceted, cross-channel customer experience.

Programmatic printing combines our many years of expertise in 1:1 communication with our company's skill in data handling. This enables us to implement campaigns that are precisely adapted to our customers' potentials: as always, we rely on our production services to ensure high-quality printing.

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