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High-quality, sophisticated visual language

Product images speak volumes. That's why we work together with our art directors to develop concepts that transmit values and quality, reaching the viewer on an emotional level – with a finely tuned sense of the brand and label. We also take on creative responsibility during implementation, even for concepts we receive from our clients, and ensure consistent marketing in production. We are the first point of contact when it comes to marketing orientation. Customer-focused. Quality-oriented.

 For art buying, we also lead the way: From research and casting based on concepts and characters all the way to buyouts and final booking, we assist with the model selection process along with contracting external photographers, stylists and make-up artists as required.

Our services in art direction and art buying

Art direction:
- Creative development of visual language and photography concepts (advertising concepts) in consultation with the customer
- Carrying out and supervising marketing implementation
- Quality assurance of consistent marketing
- Responsibility for photographers, stylists and make-up artists and models
- First point of customer contact for marketing orientation

Art buying:
- Model booking (research, casting, resolve buyouts)
- Contracting creative professionals if necessary (photographers, stylists, make-up artists)
- Logistics and paperwork
- Processing
Art Direction und Art Buying
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