Expertise in large-volume photo and text production

Consulting for in-house photography

Our winning expertise

Combining creativity and efficiency in our own studios

We are one of the largest photo studios for product photography in Europe. Our passion is not only to put products in their best light but also to perfectly combine creativity and efficiency while placing the highest demands on ourselves in both areas.

Thanks to our many years of experience with product photography, which also led us to develop our own high-performance studio software Laudert­Content­Flow® for in-house production, we have extraordinary knowledge when it comes to software and processes. We are happy to provide advice about setting up, equipping and operating in-house studios.

Efficient production made easy

We establish workflows, remove obstacles and learn from our own work. We are happy to share our years of extensive experience by providing thorough advice about the steps required for successful in-house photo production. We know what works!

You can rely on our assistance for:
  • Analysis of requirements when setting up photo studios (number and type of photo sets, employees, required space/spatial conditions, technical equipment, infrastructure connection etc.)
  • Workflow consulting and optimization: customized approval processes and efficient integration of briefing requirements
  • Optimal use of Laudert­Content­Flow® entirely based on your needs
  • Personalized creation of new visual languages by our creative unit LOFT
  • Extensive pool of industry contacts, excellent purchasing conditions

We also accept inquiries concerning all other aspects of production in photo studios.

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